Options issue blocks Kiko v Frampton

15 March 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Business matters outside the ring rather than a fear Carl Frampton couldnt do the business inside it prompted Barry McGuigan to turn down a shot at European title fight with Kiko Martinez.

The former WBA featherweight champion has targeted domestic and continental belts for the hot Irish prospect in 2011, but claimed he is unwilling to sacrifice his fighter’s long term future for short-term title gain. Three out dated options requested by the Spaniards team prompted McGuigan to swiftly put paid to any EBU tilt for the Tigers Bay native at this moment in time. Instead, McGuigan plans to ensure The Jackal will work his way into the mandatory position before succeeding were Bernard Dunne failed by beating the two time European champion.

The Clones Cyclone also revealed Frampton will be out again in late April or early May and stressed he would welcome any form of title fight with anyone on the domestic scene at present.

We were offered a shot at Kiko Martinez and his European title, but there were three options that were unacceptable, McGuigan told Mirror Sport. They were options that have gone out with the horse and cart and were borderline slavery. We would have signed a rematch clause, but Carl is too good to be tied down to such options. We decided to work our way to mandatory opponent were Kiko, if he is the champ, would have no option but to fight us. Carl would then beat him. I am confident Carl would beat him and his victory in his last fight against Oscar Cachin indicates that. Cachin barely lasted four rounds with Carl and he went the distance with Kiko.

Carl will be out again in late April early May and we are open to fighting for the British or Commonwealth titles. We have put his name forward to the British Boxing board and we will see what happens with Jason Booth vacating. I think Carl is ready for anyone on the domestic scene at present. I dont want to sound disparaging, but we would take on Willie Casey, Paulie Hyland, Booth, Jamie Arthur and such next. I know Carl is ready and hopefully he will challenging for a British or Commonwealth title very soon. If Martinezs wins the EBU title again and his team want to come back without the silly options we would take that fight too.

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