O’Kane: McCloskey has Eye of the tiger

By Jonny Stapleton

Eamonn O’Kane claims he can see the eye the tiger in friend and fellow Derry boxer Paul McCloskey ahead of his WBA world title eliminator with Breidis Presscott.

The middleweight pro believes McCloskey is out to prove a point after the Khan debacle and wants to show that he is one of the light welterweight elites.

Indeed so focused and determined is the Derry Stylist that his long time friend says only divine intervention can help Prescott as the pair trade leather in the Odyssey arena this Saturday night.

“God help Breidis Prescott. I see a hunger in Paul. He has the eye of the tiger. I can tell he is out to prove a point. He wants to show he is capable of mixing it with the best of the world. There is a hunger in eyes and that is reflected in his training. He wants to rubber stamp his status as a world level fighter. He deserves his shot and I think he will win this world title eliminator and earn it,” O’Kane revealed.

O’Kane, who looks up to McCloskey and fights Joe Rea on the under card of his friends WBA world title eliminator on Saturday, claims the Khan debacle still plays on the former European champions mind.




He also suggests things might have been different if the referee hadn’t stopped the world title fight prematurely.

“He was upset with how the Khan fight ended. Ok people say he was loosing, but he was boxing to his game plan. That ‘what if’ will always be there. What if the referee hadn’t stopped the fight. If Paul could worry Khan taking it easy imagine what he could have done giving it 100 percent in the latter rounds.”

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