Ogogo wont “give in” to “whingey whiney kid” O’Sullivan – “He’s below me”

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Anthony Ogogo does not plan to answer Spike O’Sullivan’s call to have a fight, and has labelled the Leesider as “the fool, the buffoon, the idiot.”

The 2012 Olympic silver medalist mentioned O’Sullivan earlier this year, saying he would like a fight with the Cork man, among others, after three wins.

Ogogo had three quick wins this Summer and O’Sullivan began a campaign for the Englishman to fight him as he had previously said.

However, speaking today with IFL TV, Ogogo dismissed the possibility of a fight, arguing that “right now that fool, because he’s an embarrassment to himself, he doesn’t fit into my agenda.”

“He’s below me”

“He’s got bad dress sense and a silly Freddie Mercury moustache, I want neither of them.”

“I want a belt, he cant help me with that.”

On Spike’s social media campaign, which attracted the support of Eddie Hearn, Ogogo described O’Sullivan as being “obsessed with me, I don’t know what’s going on.”

“O’Sullivan, I can’t comprehend how much of a fool the boy is, hes a buffoon.”

“He’s untalented, he’s not good enough of a fighter to go out and earn the fights. He takes to Twitter and the little keyboard and he goads people into fights. He did it to Eubank.”

“It’s like going to a supermarket with a kid and they go down the sweetie aisle and they see a bar of chocolate and they whinge and whine and obsess about it – you don’t give in.”

“Even I know you don’t give a whigey whiney kid what they want or else they carry on.”

“That’s what Eubank done and to be fair he bashed him up.

Giving his take on O’Sullivan’s seventh round retirement loss to Eubank, Ogogo explained that “I was there in London when he bashed him up, I was watching ringside, and I almost felt sorry for O’Sullivan, almost.”

“The reason why I didn’t, and again – Buffoon!”

“The whole build-up, ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that,’ and then when fight night comes, O’Sullivan did jack, did nothing, apart from take uppercuts and look like the Churchill dog.”

“And then he quits in whatever round it was with a perforated ear-drum. I’ve had hundreds of perforated ear-drums in sparring and I’ve carried on with the spar, and I’ve come back and sparred the next day, I’ve boxed with dislocated shoulders.

“Here’s a guy who’s meant to be a warrior, he’s from Ireland and Ireland always produce World class fighters and warriors. People like Barry McGuigan tremendous fighter and lovely chap, Steve Collins, again tremendous fighter and lovely chap, Carl Frampton now doing his thing for Britain and Ireland, tremendous, one of the best in the World at the minute. Even people like Conor McGregor in the UFC, proper fighter.”

“Then you’ve got him [O’Sullivan] who whinges and pulls out with a perforated ear-drum, I mean mate, do me a favour, what’s wrong with you.”

Explaining his earlier interview, Ogogo recalled that “I did an interview with you [IFL] at the start of the year and I said I’d have a few fights back and I’d be ready for – and I chucked out a few arbitrary names, his must be one of them, I didn’t even realise, I never even watched the video back.”

“At the time he had just fought Eubank and he was up there in domestic boxing.”

“But since then he’s done nothing, he took an absolute pasting and done nothing since, other than sit on his armchair and eat donuts by the looks of it, and tap the ‘O’ and ‘G’ keys on his keypad – Ogogo this and Ogogo that.”

Ogogo even took aim at O’Sullivan’s beloved mankini, and scolded: “he’s out wearing mankinis – who wears mankinis nowadays mate, who does that? Borat came out ten years ago. If you’re on a stag do ten years ago well then fair enough, it’s quite funny.”

“And if you are going to wear a mankini, do a sit-up! You seen the shape he’s in? Jesus Christ.”

Watch Anthony Ogogo’s interview with IFL TV in full below:

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