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Not so Insane McShane- I am fighting for my family now

DANIEL McShane is now fighting for his family not the fun things in life and he claims fight fans will notice the difference over the coming 12 months.

He might keep ‘The Insane’ ring moniker and the by now infamous ring walk, but McShane claims he now boasts a very real focus and a drive that will prompt visible changes in and out of the ring.

The 21 year old super featherweight has been out of the ring since October, but the boxing barber claims the break and what happened during it has increased his desire.

“I’m very excited to be back in the ring and being back to my best.  I’ve been out for so long because of my wee son Càiden, I wanted to be with him and spend a bit of time being a Daddy and getting used to family life. I also opened up a new business, a barber shop, so that took a lot of time up too,” McShane told Irish-boxing.com

“Now that everything is on track I have time to get to the gym. There was no injury or issue at all with me being out. If anything the break has made me come back a lot hungrier.

“I’ve family to support now, before I was fighting to get a few quid for a car or a good weekend away for the lads, but now I’m fighting to put my family in a good home so that’s the difference.

“In the year to come you will see a massive change in me in every department.”

McShane fights on the same bill has his cousin Mark Morris in the Andersontown Leisure Centre when he takes on Zoltan Horvathz, which is something he is excited about.

However, he will also take a keen interest in the top of the bill clash between James Tennyson and Kris Hughes. Tennyson and McShane and boxing bosom buddies and he is eager to see his stable mate and gym friend win the Celtic title and secure a crack at the British strap.

“It’s a fantastic show this weekend and its great to be on along side my cousin Mark Morris. I can predict that we both will come out of the ring victorious this Saturday night” he added

“It’s absolutely amazing to see James in such a fight. it is great for him to be this far ahead being so young. James is my best friend in the gym and to train along side him everyday is just incredible. I learn alot of James and I’m sure he will say the same about myself. We have been team mates from when we were about 5-6 years young and to see him doing so well and getting so good is amazing. As a team mate I can say I’m proud off having in my company.”



Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years