Not everyone was happy with Conlan after Nelson war

It was a celebrated win. Jamie Conlan went to war once again. The super flyweight tested the nerves of his fans, but delighted them nonetheless as he won a back and fort all action clash in London.

jamie conlan punch

For a second time in recent fights ‘The Mexican’ lived up to his ring moniker and enthralled and excited, following up his gripping Junior Grandos win with a Fight of The Year contender with Antony Nelson.

The get up of the canvas victory won Conlan new fans and cemented his status on of the best in Ireland and Britian to go and watch in a ring.

Praise for the little man’s big heart, courage and even for the sensational way he finished the flight flooded in.

However, in the days after the bout the likable World title hopeful found some people who were not too pleased with him.

While his father John Conlan, who is a key member of the Irish amateur coaching set up revealed pride in his sons display he felt the undefeated Commonwealth champion could have won in less dramatic fashion.

Conlan’s girlfriend wasn’t too pleased to see him marked up again, while his family and friends let him know their nerves wouldn’t take another classic encouther again.

“Everyone loves it when you are doing it, but it is about after your career and you need less of them,” he told

“My dad and brother were the same, that I don’t need to do it all the time and I’ve got to stop doing it for his sake and my family. I’m putting them through a living hell, them and my close friends and MGM and back here in Belfast.

“They’ve all said the same – what the hell am I doing! I’m giving them grey hairs. I say to them don’t worry about this one, I’m going to use my brain, stick to the gameplan and everything I do in camp.

“I know fighters who have tough fights automatically have tough sparring. I’m the complete opposite, I’m on my toes and hardly get hit in sparring. Come fight night, something must kick in and it goes completely different.

“My dad says he has watched it back a few times now and is very proud, but also that I am ten times better than what I am showing and that I am showing a different side to what I am capable of.

“He doesn’t want to see it anymore, he knows I can do it the right way.”

He may have taken to many punches on the chin than he would have liked against Nelson, but he will take his criticism on the chin.

Conlan agrees he can’t keep getting drawn into wars.

“My nine lives are running out! You can’t be doing it every time. Physically I feel grand, but stuff like that is going to take its toll on the body and I can’t be doing that.

“It just kind of happened in a way I didn’t think it would. The first two rounds were going pretty grand, then it turned on its head and went into a war. When it goes like that I know I will never lose because I know I can go deeper than anyone else. I don’t need to and have got to stop doing it – I could make things a lot easier for myself.”



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