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No trash-talk for Tims as he begins title trail

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‘The Tank’ has binned the trash talking, for the time being anyway.

Ian Tims has never been shy of calling out a rival over the years, or generating interest in a clash with some verbal blows.

However, the former Irish cruiserweight champion doesn’t want to jump straight back into big time action.

The former Irish heavyweight amateur Senior champ is keen to get some rounds under his belt and build steadily toward another title tilt.

Speaking to Irish-Boxing.com this week, ‘Timsey’ was smack-talk free, and said he is looking forward to working with new promoters MGM to first rid himself of some ring rust and then secure more meaningful fights.

The 36 year old has suffered injuries over the last few years and claims he took fights without being fully fit. However, now he has a promoter behind him he feels he can take his time and work toward going into a big fight fully prepared and fit.

“With the injuries over the last few years I didn’t know what was happening. It could have become a mental thing after a while? I still don’t understand it. I was jumping into fights too.”

“Sure I wasn’t even right for the Sweeney fight. So with that in mind I am happy with the few fights plan, get a run of rounds and wins and then a big fight. Why not?”

Having promotional backing gives Tims that safety net which enables him to build and plan. He doesn’t have to jump into clashes in a bid to grab his chance.

The popular, straight-talking puncher is delighted to be added to the list of Irish names on the MGM roster.

“There was nothing really happening for me here. No one was doing anything for me. I know the people at MGM for a long time and after my ankle injury in the 3Arena they said, if I got fit, they would get me a fight” he added.

“They did and I got to fight Sweeney, which wasn’t a bad scrap. I asked them again recently and they said ‘sign a contract and we will look after you’. In fairness the contract was there before if I wanted it, but I have signed now and they have promised a couple of ring rust fights and then they can get me in the mix. That works for me.”

One big fight that may be in the pipeline is a clash with fellow MGM fighter Stephen Simmons. Considering both are under the same banner the clash seems easy to make and it’s one Tims is open to.

“Simmons? Why not? I was offered it before about four months ago, but the money wasn’t right. It was set to take place in Scotland over 10 rounds, but MGM could make that fight now if they want. It could still happen. You know I wouldn’t back down.”

There is not just promotional change for Tims, the Clondalkin native has also moved from the Celtic Warrior Gym back to Crumlin and is again working with Phil Sutcliffe.

“I am back over with Phil. I started with Phil and I enjoy working with him. He is trying to get me back to basics and I am enjoying it. He is annoying if you know what I mean? He stands watching and annoys you till you get it right and I like that,” he continued.

While Tims fights on and may enjoy a boxing Indian summer, his main pro rival Micheal Sweeney has hung up his gloves.

Tims beat Sweeney in two of the more anticipated all Irish clashes in recent times, once for the Irish title and more recently for the BUI Celtic Nations trinket he currently holds.

The pair traded verbal blows as well as real ones over the years, but ‘The Tank’ claims there is no bad blood and he wished his former foe all the best as he takes up coaching.

“I wish him all the best. He is coaching now and good luck to him. We had two good scraps. No one could say they were not good fights. We gave fans a good bit of action. There is no bad blood there, we had a good rivalry.”


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