‘No reason’ why ‘special’ Katie Taylor can’t have Croke Park homecoming says Barry Hearn

Barry Hearn says there is ‘no reason’ why ‘special’ Katie Taylor [21(6)-0] shouldn’t have the homecoming she ‘deserves’.

The Matchroom founder and father to current Matchroom boxing boss man Eddie Hearn believes there is still a chance a massive Croke Park fight night could happen.

There was talk the Irish Icon would rematch Amanda Serrano [42(30)-2(0)-1], her rival for the greatest female fight of all time, in Croke Park this summer.

However there has yet to be a repeat of the Madison Square Garden clash, Serrano says she remains keen but is chasing down undisputed status at featherweight first.

Rumour suggests a massive summer 2023 fight night at GAA headquarters remains an option for Taylor, who puts her undisputed status on the line against Karen Elizabeth Carbajal [19(2)-0] in Wembley Arena on October 29, remains on the cards, but Eddie Hearn will only do if Serrano populates the opposite corner.

Speaking to Off the Ball yesterday Barry Hearn confirmed there is still hope for a fight night he said would be remembered for generations.

“I can’t tell you how much I’d love to see that. Katie Taylor is an athlete where the whole country is and quite rightly should be very proud of. She’s a very special person and deserves that homecoming fight,” Hearn said.

April 30, 2022; New York, NY, USA; Katie Taylor after defeating Amanda Serrano (not pictured) in their bout at Madison Square Garden. Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.

“There’s going to come a time and I don’t want that time to come before she’s had her Croke Park homecoming with the memories that will create for generations.

“There’s no reason not to do the fight. There was a time where boxing wasn’t viewed in the same spirit in Ireland but today it is, there’s no problems with that at all and we have no problems going to Ireland at all.

“It’s the right fight. You need a showcase fight. The reason [Serrano] didn’t agree to the rematch is she didn’t want it in Croke Park, which I found bizarre because it would be a phenomenal atmosphere for both girls.

“That may come around again and when it does I’m getting my ticket.”


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