Next Irish fight card- Wilton, ‘Big Sexy’, Quinn, Meli and more set for Down Patrick

Downpatrick Cricket Club, Downpatrick, November 1  view
flyweight Luke Wilton SC TBA 6×3
featherweight Paul Quinn SC TBA 6×3
welterweight Matthew Wilton SC TBA 4×3
light heavyweight Alfredo Meli SC Iain Jackson 4×3
heavyweight Sean Turner SC TBA 4×3
light welterweight Ciaran Bates SC Lewis O’Mara 4×3
welterweight Michael McKinson SC Alec Bazza 4×3
middleweight Casey Blair SC TBA 4×3
light middleweight Gerard Whitehouse SC Liam Griffiths


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years