Movember call on McGuigan to re grow the MO- We lend our support

By Jonny Stapleton

BOXING fans are nostalgic by nature.

Old school is a term often regaled in a strange and reflective mixture of delight and yearning.

We miss the days a promoter sat ringside sipping a beverage of choice, the era when a ringside view was ruined by the clouds of cigar smoke bellowing from the journalist parked at the apron and the era when ring girls where the kind you couldn’t bring home to your mother

We long for 15 action packed rounds,  broken jaw and busted nosed fighters who would fight till the final bell and certainly pay no attention to a little toe injury.

Boxing fans reminisce with delight about a time before tweeting became the place for the pre fight verbal sparring. A time when every fighter has the heart of a Mexican and a nose that resemble the Z- Zoro left on his victims was a badge of honour.

It seems some sport mad enthusiasts are easier to please and the thing they seem to crave about Irish boxing is the old school moustache.

Movemeber, who earned over 2.5 million in Ireland for charity last year, want a return of the tash- and they want one of Ireland’s sporting legends to re grow the mo.

Barry McGuigan’s unbelievable achievements and boxing abilities are certainly more note

Burnt Reynolds

worthy than the Tom Shelleck moustache he once proudly sported, but Movember have a yearning for all things facial hair and want the former featherweight champion of the world  to join a number of sporting legends in bringing back the whiskers.

The charity group, who urge everyone to grow moustache for November are looking for people to lend their support.

“We’re aiming to get 5,000 digital signatures from sports/Mo fans across UK and Ireland showing their support for the ‘Re-grow the Mo’ campaign, we will then be asking sporting luminaries and journalists to add their weight to the campaign and finally present the four legends themselves with the petition in a bid to get them re-growing.”

One of Movembers most desire moustaches is Carl Frampton’s mentor McGuigans. They explain why here.
“The Clones Cyclone won the World Featherweight title back in June 85’ and went on to become Sports Personality of the Year. He became a regular in our living rooms during the 80’s (on TV not doing removals etc) and also has British, Commonwealth and European belts under his….er…..belt. A little known fact about his ’85 win against Pedroza is that the judges had separate score cards for the boxers Mo’s. Pedroza was actually ahead on Mo points going into those final rounds until Barry’s trainer administered some much needed Vaseline to create a truly remarkable perky little number that had Pedroza transfixed….allowing B to the McG to strike the lethal blow.”

Carl Frampton is trying to emulate his managers world title achievements inside the ring but this month he is trying to grow a tash with equal Sampson style qualities.
We are willing to help out any boxers, trainers, coaches, promoters etc who are growing mo’s for Movember and will publish pictures and publish links/places to donate for those willing to give to charity. would also like to pay homage to the man who sports Irish boxings most prolific and best Mo. Irish Trainer for the Year for 2009 and respected boxing coach John Breen.


The Main MO Man-the brilliant John Breen


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