Mitchell and Fleming Ireland’s latests Pros

By Jonny Stapleton

Willie ‘Sandman’ Mitchell and Conor Fleming have become the latest Irish fighters to join the pro ranks and will receive a cheque for fighting for the first time in February.

A lot of Irish amateurs could emulate the Joe Gallagher-Gallagher has an Omagh based gym and is not to be confused with Manchester’s Joe Gallagher- trained duo by ditching the head gear and vest over the next 12 months, but none will make as exotic debuts.

Mitchell and Fleming take the road less travelled and make the pro bow in Malta.

“The Malta boxing commission are really trying to promote boxing in the country. I am going to do a coaching seminar over there at the end of the month to help them develop there prospects and they are going to run a show in February,” Gallagher told

“I will finalise the date when I get over there, but Willie and Conor will make their debuts.”

Just like there is no official date as of yet there is no official opponents, but Gallagher is mulling over a list of candidates. The Omagh based trainer is looking to test Fleming but is eager for Mitchell to make a statement in his first fight.

Gallagher believes Mitchell can live up to his ‘Sandman’ ring moniker and predicts he will send a number of super middleweights into involuntary sleeps.

“Willie has a number of Ulster titles at amateur and has unreal punching power. I cant see many standing up to his power. The plan is to push him on as quick as possible. I believe he is ready for an Irish title now. Conor will fight at super bantamweight he also has good amateur pedigree. He beat Carl Frampton as an amateur and he enters a nice weight division in Ireland.”

Belfast is fast becoming the home of Irish boxing, but Gallagher is keen to set up a Northern stable that could cash in on the talent outside of the city.

“I plan to build a stable. I would aim to have what John Breen has but outside of Belfast. There is an a lot of talent in the area and we can bring them through without them having to travel.”


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