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Mi-Mick Conlan – Jamie believes bro can push him to World Title with copycat sparring

Forget Al Foran, Mick Conlan [4(4)-0] is the best impressionist in Irish boxing.

While Foran may do a great Chris Eubank Jr and is famed for his Conor McGregor imitations, Top Rank prospect Conlan is a style chameleon and can take off any fighters ring approach – much to the delight of his older brother Jamie [19(11)-0].

‘The Mexican’ admits the World champion he hopes to dethrone in Belfast on November 18th is like nothing he has ever fought before not only in terms of talent levels, but style.

Jerwin Ancajas [27(18)-1(0)-1] will provide Conlan with his toughest test ever, but he plans to negotiate the task with a little help from his younger sibling.

The super flyweight division being packed with Latinos and Asians, however the Belfast war lover has been acclimatised to one style predominantly in recent years, facing Hispanic fighters who are more come forward in the ring than Don Juan was out of it. As a result Conlan won some back and forth wars, banking what he felt would be valuable experience for when he did get the chance to fight for a World title.

It turns though that his shot comes against an Asian in the form of Filipino southpaw Ancajas, a fighter more dancer than destroyer. It’s not a style Conlan has been recently exposed to, but one he will be prepared for thanks to his brother’s mimic skills.

“He is complete opposite to what we are used to,” Jamie explained.

“The Mexican fighters I have been used to fighting. he is the the complete opposite to them. He is fleet footed. He is not out and out gung-ho brawler. He is a completely different animal.”

“One thing Mick can do is adapt to any different style so he is going to come in and imitate him over the next two or three weeks. We are lucky one my brothers is getting married so he [Mick] is home for that and will help me prepare. We also have two or three highly rated sparring partners, one bantamweight, one flyweight, and we are looking at a Filipino too.”

While he might not have his brothers mimic skills, Conlan is confident he can adapt to the champion’s approach and flips it around stressing his foe has never faced anyone like him.

“I haven’t met someone like him, but he hasn’t met someone who boxes like me either,” added the 30 year old.

“He has been on the radar for at least seven weeks. I have been working with my Dad and did a bit of Manny Robles in Tuscon, working with southpaws over there.

“I watched him throughout fight week and he was cool, calm, and collected. He took everything in his stride. He didn’t show any real weaknesses or chinks in his armour.

“But from the videos I have seen, I have seen some things we can exploit. The majority opponents have been southpaws even in his defences since he won the World title.”

While there are flaws and weaknesses Conlan believes he can highlight, he does admit he will have to be on the very top of his game to do so against, by far, the best fighter he has faced.

“World title fights aren’t suppose to come easy, but they don’t always come as hard as this. I have to be 100 percent fully committed to the game plan and focused on the job at hand against this guy. Any mistake I make will be capitalised on. I need to be the best Jamie Conlan I can be.”


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