Mexican sit down as Cork’s Belujsky continues stoppage streak

It was a case Mexican sit down rather than stand off for Vladimir Belujsky [4(4)-1-1(1)] in Mexico on Saturday night.

The Cork fighter forced his opponent to retire on his stool to register Tijuana last night.

The victory which played out on a card that also hosted a first round Panamanian title win for Assassin stable mate Israel Duffus, was the Slovak Rebel’s fourth since he turned over and his second win in Mexico.

Indeed, it was the 22-year-old’s fourth stoppage victory from four wins and moves him a step closer to a domestic title shot.

Next for Belujsky is a fight on the July 7th Beginning card in the National Stadium and the ambitious puncher is hoping to fight for titles before the year is out.

Speaking to previously the Mitchelstown man bemoaned the fact he won’t be in an all Irish fight on July 7.

“I thought the fight against [Chris] Mullally was done deal but then again I told my manager that I don’t believe he wants to take the risk and fight me and a few days later Kaz [Evans, manager] told me that fight is gone.”

“It’s disappointing because I’d love to fight someone good with a good record 50/50 fight rather than paying loads to bring over a journeyman but hopefully for July 7th we’ll get someone good even though it will cost more.”

His promoters Assassin are certainly keen to push him on.

“Belujsky hopes to keep busy, and is putting pressure on himself to get to ‘Celtic level’ by the close of the year, and hopes he can challenge a big domestic name in a 50-50 clash before the year is out, in hope of landing silverware, with the likes of Darren Cruise being one of his targets,” said Kaz Evans.


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