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McMahon reveals WBC doping farce & possible World title rematch in Dublin

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Christina McMahon [7(3)-2(0)] has revealed for the first time the extent of the dubious dope testing she encountered for her WBC super flyweight title fight with champion Zulina Munoz in Mexico in March – and that she is hoping for a promised rematch in Ireland next month.

The Monaghan woman was defeated by controversial unanimous decision in a fight she seemingly got the better of, despite having the deck packed against her. Encouragingly, a rematch against Munoz [47(28)-1(0)-2] on home soil is now a distinct possibility.

Speaking on Northern Sound 94-98FM’s Wider View yesterday, Lightning revealed that “I’m being promised a rematch due to these procedures not taking place and we’re fighting a very very big case to get a rematch in Dublin which is meant to be very very shortly, actually it’s next month.”

“The WBC promised me every week and every day that this fight is going to happen.”

“We’ve been promised by the WBC and I hope they keep their word.”

“We need to see the Mexcians coming over here for a change and just going by the rules, that’s all I’m asking for.”

“Win lose or draw isn’t the issue for me, the issue is that it is done in a fair environment, two fighters who’ve trained hard and go in there and do their best.”

The 42 year old’s fight for justice has been a long one. Messed around with medicals in New York for her super bantamweight World title challenge against Alicia Ashley, McMahon was then granted a title fight at her natural weight. However, in Ciudad Juarez this Spring she was confronted with dubious judging, a stinging Deep Heat-like substance applied to the gloves, and substandard doping tests.

McMahon elaborated on the doping issue, calling it “an absolute disgrace.”

“The doping test and procedure that I signed for, I’ve been dope tested five times in my career, and I ended up peeing in a cotton bud jar that had four holes in it.”

“That jar was handed to me by a top supervisor from the WBC.”

“The word after they made their statement was that he was a highly experienced supervisor, these are the top guys.”

“The WBC is owned by Mexico, I’m in Mexico peeing in a cotton bud jar with holes in it that somebody has had their hands in.”

“We can’t be sure that that girl took anything before the fight, we can’t prove that. She could have taken diuretics to make weight, the simple little things.”

“Why should I look after myself and do things right when another boxer is allowed to get away with what they’re doing?”

“I’m not saying the girl did anything, but it leaves room for error and it leaves room for cheating. I just think it’s intolerable.”

“Unfortunately, Christina McMahon, not enough people know who Christina McMahon is to stand up and say ‘this is cheating and this is wrong.”

Regardless of all the factors plotting against her, McMahon still feels she won the fight and believes that “to me in Mexico, it was a win, it was a clear win.”

“It wasn’t a close fight. Anybody looking at it with the naked eye could see I won, but the people who are into boxing would understand what scoring is, and when it comes down to proper scoring, I won the fight clearly.”

Rather than be disheartened, McMahon is going to continue to put pressure on the WBC to stay through to her word, and promised that “I’m going to fight the system, I’m going to look for a rematch, and I’m going to keep going until I get it.”

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