McCloskey under orders not to go to Prescott war

By Jonny Stapleton

Paul McCloskey will follow orders and avoid going to war with Breidis Prescott in the Odyssey Arena this Saturday night, according to trainer John Breen.

The Irish Trainer of the Year for 2009  has warned his charge against a repeat of his last Belfast display  and going to toe with the fighter known as the ‘Khanqueror‘.


Italian Giuseppe Lauri managed to force the Dungiven boxer to swap his usually flair for fight the last time he fought  in Belfast and live on Sky, much to his trainers frustration.

McCloskey let Lauri get under his skin and he threw the game plan out the window, partaking in a fight so up close and personal it could have taken place in a phone box.

Breen, who believes the Columbian posses more of a threat than two belt world champion Amir Khan, admits it would be dangerous for McCloskey not to employ his superior skill in his latest test.

However, is adamant the 32 year old pro will box rather than brawl in a fight ‘he can’t lose’.

“This is a real difficult test. To be honest I am more worried about Prescott than I was Amir Khan. Prescott will try and box for the first few rounds, but will get frustrated and will revert to his old ways. He will try and fight and will stand. Kevin Mitchell out boxed him but said he could even feel the power off the punches that flew over his head. We know he has power, but Paul has the skills to beat him,” Breen explained

“Paul knows not to get involved in a fight and to stick to his skills. He will do what he is told this time and stick to the game plan. I was upset with him when he let Lauri draw him into a scrap. Ok he won that fight, showed he had a chin and knocked the boy out, but he could have made much easier work out of it. He has done what we told him since and it will be the same on Saturday. He knows he has to use his skill to beat Prescott. Prescott will want a brawl but we will try and give him a boxing lesson.”

Despite stressing how dangerous Prescott is and highlighting him as a world class foe the Belfast gym owner is confident former the European champion will have to much for the only fighter to beat Khan.

Breen claims ‘Dudey’ is capable of beating any light welter in the world on his day and pointed out the 32 year old is looking sharper and more determined than ever.



“Paul is flying in training. I have never seen him as sharp. He is very focused. This kid is not a bad fighter and we know he can bang, but Paul will have to much class for him. He is very motivated he wants to prove he is world class. It really is a fight Paul can’t loose and he knows that. Paul on his day and when he uses his skills is a match for anyone in the world and he will prove that next Saturday.”




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