McCloskey: Khan haunted by me

By Jonny Stapleton

Amir Khan’s recent Paul McCloskey criticisms is proof he is still haunted by how ordinary ’Dudey’ made him look last March, according to the slick Irish fighter.
In the Boxing News annual he IBF and WBA Super world champion suggested McCloskey was more interested in lining his pockets than buckling the WBA belt around his waist in the prematurely stopped fight.

The Freddie Roach trained pugilist, who puts his two light welterweight belts on the line against Lamont Petterson this weekend, also criticised  the Irish fighter for six inactive rounds and labelled the south paw boring.

Former British and European champion, McCloskey, however believes Khan’s verbal attacks are proof he is insecure about his inability to launch a sustained ring attack on the evasive Derry man.

The John Breen trained pro says he has put the Khan debacle behind him. He believes he has since proved himself by defeating the ‘Khanqueror’ Breidis Prescott.

McCloskey also laughed off suggestions cash and not world title glory were his main motivation behind taking the fight, suggesting he got paid very little.

“I want to respond to what Amir Khan said about our fight in The Mirror last week. If I was in that fight for money it wouldn’t have happened as the pay was honestly ridiculous. I took the fight to win a world title,“ McCloskey said.

“Why is Khan still talking about me and the fight 7 months later? The fact is he knows it was his worst night at 140lbs and he didn’t land a thing on me. Then the fight was ended because of cut from a head butt. I have moved on from that fight a long time ago maybe Khan still has doubts? I went on and had my chin tested  by the guy who sparked Khan in 93 seconds. Unlike Amir Khan I passed the test.”

‘King Khan’ also holds the opinion that his homecoming bout with McCloskey was dropped by Sky Sports because the Dungiven man wasn’t a big name draw. McCloskey, who brought 4000 of the by now famous ‘Dudey Army’ refutes the claim and puts the blame on team Khan’s greed.

“The fight was not on Sky because of team Khans greed that is the facts. I am back in training now and will have news on my next fight soon.”


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