Martirosyan wants to replace Kiko but not availble on Sept 10

Jonny Stapleton

European number two contender Arsen Martirosyan wants to challenge Carl Frampton for the EBU title, but won’t be ready to fight on September 10.

The French based puncher, who challenged Kiko Martinez for the EBU strap in the National Stadium in 2010, contacted to stress his desire to fight for the title once again.

However, it seems the Armenian, who was touted as a possible replacement for Kiko Martinez wouldn’t be available to do battle on September 10.

With Willie Casey not likely to accept an offer to fight, Martiosyan not available on Saturday week Frampton’s options are dwindling.

Former world title challenger and Kiko Martinez defeater is now being muted as the next in line if Casey declines.

“I encourage Matchroom to contact us. We are willing and qualified to challenge for the European title.  We would fight Carl Frampton with pleasure, but 10 days notice is very short,“ Martirosyan’s manager Saadi Mechiche said.
“We would prefer if Team Frampton would postpone the fight for a few weeks so that our champion can prepare. Arsen has just returned from holiday. We would be happy to come to the beautiful city of Belfast, a city that has a rich pugilistic culture, but we would like to put back the date.”


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