Markussen: Magee body blow was explosive hand grenade

by Jonny Stapleton

Rudy Markussen likened the beautiful body blow landed by Brian Magee in their recent WBA interim title fight to a hand grenade that ensured explosive internal pain.

Indeed so sensational was the shot that the Dannish fighter is still feeling its effects.

The Belfast veteran brought the fight to an end with a left to the mid section in round five of the Denmark hosted clash.

So impressive was the victory that the Irish boxer of the Year has since been linked with mega money fights with the likes of Mikkel Kessler, George Groves, WBA champ Balzay amongst others.

The result also leaves questions about ‘Hardhitter’ future, but directly after the fight the majority of queries sent in Markussen’s direction were about the fifth round stoppage.


“You don’t see it. That’s the problem with such a punch. When you get hit like that in the liver, there’s nothing you can do. Its like being hit by a handgranate that explodes from the inside of you. It’s a pity, because I felt I had good control in the fight, being relaxed and jabbing him,” Rudy Markussen said to TV3+ right after the fight.

“I’m still sore. I’ve probably got a bent rib. I was just hit in an unlucky spot. The pain spread to the entire body, is was indescribable. My body was relaxing because I had just delivered a punch myself, and then he hits me perfectly. But its not like I was knocked unconscious. I would be ready to jump in the ring next week,” Rudy Markussen said to Ekstra Bladet on Wednesday obviously still in pain.

Point of no return- Markussen still hasn't recovered from Magee's body shot



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