Mark Ginley looking to carry his crowd-pleasing reputation into promoting

Mark Ginley is promising fantastic fights for the fantastic Irish fight fans.

The man who was certainly entertaining to watch as a pro fighter plans to dips his toe in the promotional end of the game tomorrow night at the Devenish Complex in West Belfast.

His promotional debut, ‘Dust Up at the Devenish,’ plays hosts to some big names and some good fights, but Ginley suggests it’s only step one along the road and he plans to promote evenly-matched and all-Ireland clashes further down the line.

“Going forward, after an anticipated success on Friday, I hope to have 50/50 main events and domestic dust ups.” He told

“That’s what the fans want to see, and that’s what they should get. They make the sport. I just want to thank everyone for their support I’m very pleased to be a part of professional boxing in Ireland.”

The young promoter is expecting things to grow and get better, but he doesn’t make a bad start on Friday. Names like Stephen Ormond, Ian Tims, Alfredo Meli, Tyrone McCullagh, Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner, Anthony Upton and Ciaran McVarnock all appear.

Ginley, who has experience promoting on the semi-pro scene, is delighted that most have accepted a challenge in terms of opposition, and expects a good night of action.

“I think the matches made for the show are excellent when you take into account the stage each fighter is at in their careers. It was very refreshing to see the likes Tyrone McCullagh accept such a fight [v Michael Barnor], I don’t even think he asked the record! It really is great to see the fighters have faith in their ability,” he added before again looking forward.

Ginley admits there is an element of learning to do, but is confident by working with all those involved in Irish boxing, he can play an important role in the sport.”

“It’ll be a great experience for me. I’ve picked up so much in the last few weeks. Going forward with the great team around me I know we will only get better. It’s also great that MTK have allowed their boxers on the bill. I am very grateful for that, and we will work with any boxer, manager, and promoter moving forward if it means better shows for the fans.”


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