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Low Blows: Anto ‘The Apache’ Cacace

Low Blows makes its return this afternoon.

In the hotseat is talented Belfast super featherweight Anto Cacace [15(7)-0], and the BBBoC Celtic champion’s verbals are as stinging as his shots.

Q: Hardest Trainer?
A: Conrad Cummings is an animal, he doesn’t know how to stop training. Also Steven Donnelly knows how to put the work in when it comes down to it.

Q: Biggest Moaner?
A: Tommy McCarthy is always crying about something.

Q: Funniest?
A: My time at Holy Trinity was a pleasure with Sean McComb and Ruairi Dalton. They just bounced off each other and came of with some funny sayings that had everyone in stitches. They certainly made training a lot easier. Fun Fact: Ruairi Dalton believed his his Da was Hulk Hogan until his early teens. When wrestling came on the tv his Ma would say there’s your daddy on the telly, I’d say the whole of St James thought he was nuts.

Q: Biggest Ladies Man?
A: Ruairi Dalton. He may not have the look but he fairly has the charm, there will be a few happier parents in Belfast now that he’s living it up in New York. I’ve had a few Snapchats of him with the ladies over there too. Keep it up and keep them coming Rook.

Q: Most Intelligent?
A: Mark O’Hara, the fella has been to as many universities as he had fights. 1st class honours and is now studying law. Smart enough to get out of the sport too.

Q: Least Intelligent?
A: I would never insult anyone in the boxing game. ‘It’s the hardest sport in the world,’ so in future boys leave me out of this category haha!

Q: Hardest Puncher?
A: Carl Frampton carries serious power in both hands, Mark Morris can also bang. he’s been knocking people out since he was 13 and I’ve sparred Paddy Gallagher a few times he can fairly bang too.

Q: Most Naturally Talented?
A: Dee McComb was super talented and his brother Sean is equally talented and now on the Irish High Performance Unit. In the amateur scene Holy Trinity has some super talented kids coming through, keep an eye out for Barry McReynolds and the Tucker brothers Jake and Kane, they are a joy to watch and have a great career ahead of them. I also have to give a mention Cole Taylor (Oliver Plunkett) who is a great kid with a great attitude.

Q: Cheapest?
A: I’ve been with a lot of cheap people throughout my career, there is one person I could mention but I’ll not as it might get me into a bit of trouble so I’ll just stick with John Joe Nevin, he was on a fortune and was seen shopping in Primark – though he did treat me to dinner and a few drinks in Philadelphia one night.

Q: Worst Dancer?
A: I watched a video of Carl Frampton recently on Twitter dancing on his own in front of a whole bar, that was funny to say the least. I don’t know why but Tyrone McKenna rates himself as a bit of a dancer.

Q: Worst Dress Sense?
A: Willie ‘Big Bang’ Casey and Michael Collins from Dublin. Them boys walked about with their tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks with the black school shoes or Timberland boots on. Closer to home I’ll say Steven Ward, he is one of the nicest guys in boxing though he must have some collection of so-called hats, but in fairness it’s probably to hide that head of his.

Q: Biggest Messer?
A: Gerard Healy has to be mentioned in this one he’s always up to something. You just never knew what was going to happen when you were around him.

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Joe O'Neill

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