Lightning Strikes: The Craziest and Fastest Knockouts in the World of Boxing

Boxing, a noble skill as they call it, is attractive because of the long and exhausting exchanges of punches, tactical approaches to the opponent, and fighting. However, as usual, knockouts are what is remembered.

One hit, one single hit, a small moment of inattention is enough that your opponent sends you into the ’kingdom of dreams’. Or, in a better scenario, that you send your rival there. We have seen such punches but somehow those who solved the question of the winner at the very beginning of a fight deserve a special place. In front of you is a list of the five fastest and most interesting knockouts in the world of boxing. Whoever bet on these fights was certainly dumbfounded with outcomes. Who knows, maybe fights in March Madness to which you can bet through Irish casinos reviewed at, will bring speedy knockouts, as well.

#5 Daniel Jiménez vs Harald Geier, 1994 – 17 seconds

Puerto Rican champion Jiménez allowed his challenger Geier home advantage in Austria but that was all of his generosity when it comes to their WBO Super Bantamweight title fight in 1994. 

Even though the Austrian fighter was previously unbeaten, he was floored by the first and only punch in the match thrown after only 17 seconds, according to the official timekeepers. Ultimately, Jiménez retained his belt.

#4 Nigel Benn vs Ian Chantler, 1987 – 16 seconds

British boxer Benn made several blink-of-an-eye knockouts in his professional career. One of his own fastest knockouts, but also one of the fastest-ever knockouts in professional boxing, Benn made against St. Helens native Ian Chantler at the Hudsons Sports Centre in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. 

The 11th professional fight of Benn lasted for just 16 seconds. The ‘Dark Destroyer’ planted a right hook on Chantler’s chin and sent him to ‘sleep’. All of Benn’s fights prior to this were ended with his straight knockout, just as 11 more fights in his shining professional career.

#3 Jimmy Thunder vs Crawford Grimsley, 1997 – 13 seconds

It was a duel between a fighter who endured 12 rounds with iconic George Foreman not so long before the fight in question and a former world champion who had rather impressive statistics of 32 wins in his previous 39 fights. 

The fact that he had gone 12 rounds with Foreman didn’t help Grimsley in this match. The first punch Thunder threw at him, and which came after only 13 seconds, was fatal.

#2 Jeremy Williams vs Arthur Weathers, 1996 – 10 seconds

The second-fastest knockout in our countdown took place in Long Beach, California, in 1996. Jeremy Williams floored his American counterpart, Arthur Weathers, with an ease that has been rarely seen ever before and afterward. 

Interestingly, even though he lasted shorter in the ring than most of the fighters in our countdown, Weathers managed to throw a punch here. However, Williams fought back instantly and inflicted a devastating right uppercut on his rival. It all lasted for only 10 seconds.

#1 Phil Williams vs Brandon Burke, 2007 – 10 seconds

This match in our countdown lasted the same as previous but the speed of a knockout made the difference. Williams made boxing history as he delivered a knockout blow to Burke the moment the latter rushed out of his corner toward him at the gong sound. Thus, ‘The Drill’ left the audience in Saint Paul, Minnesota, speechless both with the punch and his interesting outfit inspired by comic books. Maybe this defeat was crucial, or maybe not, but Burke retired soon after it, actually two years later, with a poor stats of 0-5-1.


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