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Lennox Lewis Doesn’t Think McGregor has a Chance Against Mayweather

The Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight has been the talk of the sports world since the fight was announced last week. While fans of both fighters are eager to watch them square off in the ring, there have been some detractors calling the super fight a side show.

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has added his name to the list of people that have criticized the fight. In a recent interview, Lewis said he thinks the fight is ridiculous and he will not be paying to watch Mayweather taking on McGregor.

Lewis insisted that McGregor’s lack of a professional boxing background makes the fight a one-sided show favoring Mayweather, who is one of the greatest to ever step into a boxing ring. The former champ is so confident in Mayweather’s skills that he said he would be surprised if McGregor manages to win a round.

Unlike some of the other detractors of the fight, Lewis explained why he feels McGregor doesn’t stand a chance against Mayweather. Lewis said a boxer like Mayweather, who has been boxing for most of his life, has way too much skills to be bothered by a fighter as inexperienced as McGregor.

He added that McGregor, who is trained in mixed martial arts, will be handicapped in the fight because he will be unable to use his MMA skills, putting him at a significant disadvantage against Mayweather.

Former Mayweather opponent Ricky Hatton, who suffered his first career loss against Mayweather, predicted that Mayweather will win every round against McGregor. However, he conceded that it would still be an entertaining fight.

While some believe McGregor has a small chance to win, Hatton didn’t give him any chance of winning because he doesn’t think McGregor will be able to land a big shot on Mayweather. Hatton used the Canelo Alvarez vs Mayweather fight as an example.

Alvarez, who is much bigger and stronger than Mayweather was schooled when the two men fought. Alvarez’s inability to hit Mayweather with a big shot despite his size advantage and the fact that he is very experienced, since he has been boxing since he was a teenager, is the biggest reason Hatton feels McGregor doesn’t have a chance.

Even though Hatten admitted being a big UFC and McGregor fan, he said he wasn’t excited about watching the fight since it will be a big mismatch.

Before the fight was announced, former champion and Golden Boy Promotions CEO, Oscar De La Hoya, wrote a post on his Facebook page urging boxing fans not to spend their hard earned money on the fight.

At the time, De La Hoya called the fight a disgrace that will affect the integrity of the sport, and encouraged fans to save their money for real boxing fights like the one between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, which is being promoted by De La Hoya’s company.

After De La Hoya made his statement, UFC president Dana White called him out for being a hypocrite. White posted a video from a year ago in which De La Hoya was advocating a similar fight between Alvarez and McGregor, which White smartly turned down because it wouldn’t generate as much attention as a fight with Mayweather.

Fight Odds by Dave Strauss, line manager
“Floyd is going off at -550 to win this fight, but the action on this match isn’t going as expected. Despite the betting lines for Mayweather vs McGregor put Floyd as a huge favorite, the public has overwhelmingly backed McGregor since the fight was officially announced” says Dave Strauss, line manager at MyBookie Sportsbook.


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