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‘Leeside Revolution’ – LIVE UPDATES

Boxing returns to Cork TONIGHT.

After ten long years, a pro boxing show will take place in the Rebel County in just a few short hours.

Martin Horgan, from a Muay Thai background, has stepped forward to put on a bumper bill at the Neptune Stadium headlined by Macroom’s Noely Murphy v Adam Mate of Hungary.

A cross-promotion, a full Muay Thai card will run from 4:00pm to 6:00pm when the boxing will begin, with 12 bouts in all on the bill including the all-Irish light middleweight scrap between Eddie Treacy and Owen Duffy and a cruiserweight debutant war between Oisin Donovan and Staz Tomasevski.

Irish-Boxing.com will be ringside for the card and will be providing live round-by-round updates and observations for all the boxing bouts.

Keep refreshing page to see live updates.

Round 2 – Left hook from Eddie Treacy and DUFFY IS DOWN. Huge shot, Duffy is up but his legs are completely gone. Another huge shot from Treacy, and another, Duffy falls into the ropes, it’s waved off, KO2 EDDIE TREACY. Amazing!

Round 1 – Treacy is here for war and tears into Duffy from the very first bell. Clubbing shots that rock Duffy back. The Cavan man eventually finds his footing and it becomes quite scrappy as both try to work inside before a very strong finish from Treacy.

11:11pm – And now, the final fight – and the one we’ve been looking forward to most – Eddie Treacy v Owen Duffy over six rounds at light middleweight. Brawl incoming.

Round 3 – Cicoova is hurt to the left side of the body and is creased over with every shot that hits home. Twice the Slovak slumps to the canvas and it is eventually waved off. TKO3 O’LEARY.

Round 2 – Lots more punishment from O’Leary who is walking through anything that Cicoova is throwing in return. The Team TNT puncher is working well to head and body.

Round 1 – Vicious. The straight right is hurting Cicoova from the start and she is down early. Rising unsteadily, the Slovak takes a good 90 seconds of solid punishment but, somehow, manages to make it to the bell.

11:00pm – Two more fights to go. First up, Siobhan O’Leary v Deniso Cicoova. 4 x 2 at super feather.

10:54pm – 79-74 to Noely Murphy! He improves to 14(2)-1(0)-1.

Round 8 – Aggressive start from the visitor to this final round but the pattern soon reverts to type. Murphy’s support, as usual, is incredible, and they go wild as their man cheekily throws mate into the ropes in frustration. Noely has got the job done here as we go to the card.

Round 7 – Mate seems to be slowing slightly and ships more in the seventh but isn’t in danger of being stopped.

Round 6 – Domination from Murphy but he just cant manage to corner Mate. Would be interesting to see Fitbit stats such is the distance he’s covering in this small ring.

Round 5 – Into the second half and Murphy is starting to land heavy single shots with greater regularity, with Mate offering nothing in return, simply circling.

Round 4 – Scrappy as we approach halfway. Mate is spoiling and disrupting Murphy who needs to take his time.

Round 3 – Murphy pressing, trying to get inside, but Mate is keeping evasive, circling furiously. Two low blows from the home favourite lead David Irving to issue a warning and he seems to be growing slightly frustrated.

Round 2 – Warming up now, Mate starting to throw more but Murphy is largely in control, jabbing well out of the southpaw stance.

Round 1 – Cagey here in the opener. Murphy doing all the pressing but is being tied up by Mate at every opportunity.

10:15pm – Main event time (Duffy-Treacy and Siobhan O’Leary will be on after). Noely Murphy takes on Hungarian Adam Mate having seen two Irish title fights fall through. He’s not happy and will be looking to let out his frustrations.

10:13pm – 40-36 to Vladimir Belujsky who improves to 8(6)-2(0)-1.

Round 4 – One-sided domination from Belujsky who throws almost exclusively power shots for the entire three minutes. Szekeres is definitely feeling them but manages to hang in there and we go to cards.

Round 3 – Pace slightly slower but Belujsky is showing a good range of shots, the left hook to the body being particularly nice.

Round 2 – A bodyshot from Belujsky almost folds Szekeres in half and the finish looks on but the Hungarian escapes the barrage and sees out the round.

Round 1 – Belujsky looking trim here – he saw a WBO Youth title fall through again last month – and is landing bombs on the durable Szekeres from the off.

9:54pm – Donegan improves to 2(1)-0 following that destructive display and we’ve another big puncher on the way in local super middleweight Vlad Belujsky who is taking on veteran Hungarian Norbert Szekeres.

Round 1  – Boom! Donegan walks Aleksiev onto a right hook that sends the Bulgarian down heavily. The visitor rises but another flurry soon sends him down and Aleksiev is in pain, it’s waved off TKO1 DOMINIC DONEGAN!

9:45pm – What drama! McCormack is now 5(1)-0 and it’s time for Fight #8, another light middleweight four rounder – Dominic Donegan v Adrian Aleksiev.

Round 2 – McCormack eats some bombs at the start of the second but continues to drive forward. Todorov is twice on the canvas but they are both ruled slips before he goes down again. Again it’s ruled a slip but the Bulgarian is most definitely hurt. Eventually rising, McCormack puts him straight back down with a short hook. Todorov is flat on his back before getting up at ‘nine’, just as the bell sounds, but David Irving waves it off! TKO2 MCCORMACK!

Round 1 – McCormack has been dragged into a war from the off and the Limerick light middle’s nose is bloodied. Needs to get to grips with the quick Todorov quickly, it’s only a four rounder.

UPDATE – Some slight internet issues there. While we were gone, Waterford super middle Craig McCarthy scored a third round stoppage over Lajos Szilagyi, dropping him in the first before the Hungarian retired in the third. He’s now up at 7(2)-0. We’re into Round One now in Graham McCormack v Reyhan Todorov and the little Bulgarian is a handful.

9:14pm – And get back to winning ways he does – a 59-55 win for Chris Blaney who improves to 12(3)-2(0)-1.

Round 6 – Fun final round, with both standing in the pocket and throwing throughout. High-paced fight, perfect for Blaney to get back to winning ways.

Round 5 – Gazdik is digging in well, in fairness to him, giving Blaney a very good workout. The Irishman that bit busier and sharper with his punches though.

Round 4 –  A big bodyshot sucks all the life out of Gazdik and Blaney eventually sends him down in the corner. The Slovak is up and is game, though, seeing out the round.

Round 3 – Blaney increasing the work-rate and Gazdik is being forced to open up, with the pair trading some big-looking hooks.

Round 2 – All very controlled here from Blaney who is investing a lot to the body.

Round 1 – Blaney looking nice and sharp here, digging shots in to the body and snapping the jab out.

8:45pm – Fight #5 and the return to Ireland of Navan super middle Chris Blaney. He’s up against Michal Gazdik in a six rounder.

8:42pm – 60-54 to Craig O’Brien who improves to 11(1)-1(1).

Round 6 – Mitev to his credit kept pushing and swinging in the final round but O’Brien in absolutely no danger. We go the distance.

Round 5 – Little more than target practice here for O’Brien who is looking to set up a big fight in America.

Round 4 – O’Brien starting to turn the screw, bullying Mitev, but the Bulgarian stands firm.

Round 3 – More of the same here, O’Brien to get his hooks in behind the earmuff guard of Mitev.

Round 2 – Mitev isn’t lying down, he never does. Some big swings out of the crouch but O’Brien continues to pepper away, boxing in second gear.

Round 1 – O’Brien is too big and way too good for Mitev in this keep-busy bout. ‘The Iron’ piercing Mitev’s guard at will.

8:14pm – And now onto Fight #4 – Dubliner Craig O’Brien in versus old favourite Radoslav Mitev over six at light middleweight.

8:12pm – 39-38….. to Staz Tomasevski – what a way to make your debut. Fair play to both lads.

Round 4 – What a final round! Tomasevski starts out on top and O’Donovan looks to have nothing left before, somehow, finding a final burst, pinning his opponent to the ropes and throwing whatever he can at him. Superman punches, both feet off the ground, it’s mad stuff here. Tomasevski survives, however, and comes back in the final 30 with O’Donovan hanging on.

Round 3 – Another fast start from O’Donovan but he is exhauster. Tomasevski, bleeding badly from the bridge of his nose, comes back again and has O’Donovan hurt to the body but he is showing serious grit and ends the round swinging.

Round 2 – O’Donovan comes flying out again in the second landing flurries but he looks to be tiring quickly. Tomasevski then enjoys a period of success but O’Donovan is refusing to lie down and has some eye-catching bursts.

Round 1 – War from the very off. Huge shots from both. Tomasevski lands a perfect chopping right to the chin of O’Donovan but the burly Dunmanway youngster just walks through it and finishes very strong, having the Polish Rebel buzzed in the closing stages.

7:53pm – Now, this is interesting, up next is something we haven’t seen in a while – a fight between two Irish debutants. It’s a Cork derby at cruiser with Oisin O’Donovan facing Staz Tomasevski. This will be explosive.

7:51pm – Carroll gets the win – 40-36 – and he also moves to 2(0)-0.

Round 4 – Turned out to be a very fun fight. Andonov landing lots of right hands in the final round here but Carroll is relentless, attacking the body until the bell.

Round 3 – Really good third here. Andonov is being forced to stand and fight and, while he does land a pair of big backhands on Carroll, the Irishman is doing damage and almost has him down in the corner.

Round 2 – The fast hands of Carroll are getting to work here and he manages to land some meaty uppercuts.

Round 1 – Interesting opener. Carroll, switching, has difficulty initially trying to pin Andonov down and the Bulgarian lands a succession of counters but a big final 15 seconds where he finally finds his range should give the Wicklow prospect the round.

7:33pm – Fight #2 – Super Bantamweight 4 x 3 minutes – Bray’s Sam Carroll v Georgi Andonov of Bulgaria – and we get the first airing of The Foggy Dew of the night.

7:30pm – And Phelan gets the win to start us off, 40-36 and she moves to 2(0)-0. Much better performance than her debut.

Round 4 – The jab of Phelan is some weapon, great weight behind it, really hurting her foe every time. Gyumliskya looks ready to go in the closing stages but we go the distance.

Round 3 – Phelan starting to show her skills here, mixing it up well. However, Gyumliskya, who turned pro years before Katelynn was even born, is hanging in there.

Round 2 – More aggression here from Phelan and she rocks the Bulgarian’s head back a number of times.

Round 1 – Good start from Phelan, popping off straight shots and trying to do damage inside. Gyumliskya lands one left hook which looks to have buzzed Phelan but she is back jabbing soon enough.

7:13pm – FINALLY, we are ready to go! Four two-minute rounds.

6:58pm – First up tonight is Kildare light welter Katelynn Phelan in her second pro fight. The lilywhite is up against Bulgarian veteran Galina Gyumliskya. Will be a few minutes before we get going though as we switch over from Muay Thai to boxing.

6:45pm – Congrats to Sean Clancy, the new WBC Muay Thai light welterweight champion of the world! Now, time for some boxing.

6:30pm – We’re here at the venue now. The Muay Thai portion of the bill has run slightly late so we are currently enjoying the WBC light welterweight title fight between Sean Clancy and Alessando Sara. Boxing be up at around 7:00pm we think.


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