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Andy Lee – “It would be interesting to see if he could win an Irish professional title”

It has the potential to be the ‘biggest event of all time’, but Andy Lee is certain that Conor McGregor would be defeated should he face Floyd Mayweather.

The UFC super star has recently secured a boxing licence from the California State Athletic Commission, prompting rumours of the potential bout with all time boxing great Floyd Mayweather, and resulting in a host of boxers calling out ‘The Notorious.’

And while former WBO middleweight champion Lee admits respect for the former Crumlin amateur, he doesn’t believe the two-weight UGC champion would have the boxing skill to compete with the likes of the unbeaten ‘Money’.

Indeed, the Limerick man suggests it would be interesting to see how the Dubliner would fair at domestic level.
“I wouldn’t know about the UFC as a whole, because I don’t really watch a lot of it. I’m a big fan of Conor McGregor in terms of what he’s done as a person, he’s a cultural phenomenon,” the 32-year-old told Off The Ball

“Out of interest when he’s posted a video of himself sparring I’ve watched it, and to me, technically, it’s not top level, it’s not up to scratch.”

“He can fight, he’s good with his hands. But, in terms of boxing, it would be interesting to see if he could win an Irish professional title. That wouldn’t be the highest standard in the world, but it would be an interesting level. I don’t see him as a top level boxer in any way, but in terms of the UFC he probably is because the level wouldn’t be so high.”

When questioned wheter or not a Mayweather clash is laughable or not the Adam Booth-trained puncher added that, “in terms of a contest, yes. But in terms of a money-generating event, it would be the biggest event of all time.”

“Look, he’s a young guy from Co. Dublin and not so long ago he was on the dole and now he’s making millions and millions. As an Irishman he carries the flag into the ring, and I have to take my hat off to him and say ‘look, I respect everything you’re doing.’”

“If he was applying the same acumen in business, or anything else, you would tip your hat to him.”


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