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Laid back not lazy – Tommy McCarthy assures he means Euro business

Tommy McCarthy has warned people against misinterpreting his ‘laid back’ approach as laziness ahead of his second European title challenge.

‘The Mack Attack’ is in Poland where he challenges Michal Cieslak for the cruiserweight version of the famous blue strap tonight.

It’s a belt McCarthy held previously and one the former champion is confident he can win back.

However, the Belfast fighter believes some are doubting his ability to regain, saying some are wrongly questioning his motivation and approach.

He suggests the fact he has taken up comedy and podcasting may have raised those concerns, although assures those worries are unfounded.

The joke-telling puncher says he takes his boxing seriously and means business this weekend.

“People have labelled me lazy or too laid back. I am a laid-back person, but since I have become a senior boxer, amateur and professional, I have always been a hard trainer,” he told Belfast Live.

“I never try to take life too seriously, but I take my boxing seriously. And people maybe read it wrong.

“The couple of times I lost wasn’t down to a lack of training. I lost to Chris Billam-Smith the first time on a split decision; the second time was a bad day at the office.

“I have taken this fight at five weeks’ notice and done everything I can in those five weeks. And it will come down to what happens on the day.

“I am quietly confident and I know I have the ability and tools to get the job done.”

Explaining why he believes people have expressed concerns about his extra circular work, the former European champion points to the fact there is now more spotlight on podcasts et-al than boxing.

However, he says the fact there is more focus on his media career than his fight career doesn’t mean there is more work being done in that field.

“Boxing has been my life since I was 12 years old. I have given everything to it.

“It is only the past year Tyrone and I have been doing the podcast, and I have been doing some stand-up comedy. People seem to enjoy it, and I enjoy doing it.

“Life is bigger than boxing, and some people may look at that as a negative.

“Boxing doesn’t have a great reputation, people get robbed, athletes on performance enhancing drugs, and it is just a shambles. It is a niche market; not many people watch it.

“You could name boxers to the general public and nobody would have a clue who they are, unless it is a Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua.

“People aren’t following boxing, but they are into podcasts and comedy. So people see you getting attention from something outside of boxing, and they think you are not committed to your sport.

“But you don’t get to where Tyrone and I are in boxing without being committed.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years