King of Queensland ready for next level

By Jonny Stapleton

DENNIS Hogan didn’t just win a title that will help him progress to the next level last Friday night he gained experience that will help him be successful on a bigger stage.

The Hurricane blew away the challenger of veteran Glen Fitzpatrick within 1:04 of round 4 to become middleweight king of Queensland.

Now the former light heavyweight campaigner believes being middleweight champion of the State will help him secure bigger and better fights.

The pro novice, who like Paddy Murphy and Tony Bates is representing the fighting Irish in Australia, believes entering the ring with such an experienced pro will help him adapt to life at the next stage. The Kildare native is also happy when in against the best fighter he has faced he produced the his best ever display.

“I am very happy with the win, but I am happier with my performance” Hogan told “Now that I have the State title I am on the right track to bigger things. Everything about Fitzpatrick was a lot more professional than other fighters i faced and its good to experience that. I rose to the challenge on Friday night and I seen some of my best boxing put into action.”

Like most of the Ozzie bases Irish contingent Hogan is keeping busy. He hopes to make his first defence on December 3 and is considering a fight back in Ireland next year.

“The plan now is to fight on the third of December and stay active till April. Then I will go home for my brothers wedding then right back into it again. We have chatted about a fight at home but no decisions have been made as yet.”

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