Kiko: Fear ruled Frampton out

24 March 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Team Kiko Martinez have hinted fear and not finance was the true catalyst behind Carl Framptons decision not to challenge the Spaniard for the European title.

Barry McGuigan revealed to Mirror Sport last week that due to slave like options requested by Martinezs promoter he turned down a continental challenge on the Celtic champions behalf. McGuigan reiterated his belief that The Jackal would devour the two time EBU ring king, but stressed his protg was too good to be tied down to the type of deal that had gone out with the horse and cart.

Hot prospect, Frampton, himself, has also previously stated he would be confident he could beat Martinez, who via links with Willie Casey, Paulie Hyland, Bernard Dunne and now Frampton seems to a key figure in the Irish super bantamweight scene.

However, the Spanish assassins team, who yesterday claimed Willie Casey was well and truly off their hit list, have suggested that terror rather than trade prompted the Tiger Bay natives decision. Replying to inquires made by, via a statement Team Martinez revealed that a date and venue had been made for the bout.

An offer was made to Mr McGuigan for Carl Frampton and Kiko Martinez to fight. We had the Kings Hall booked for the March 5 and SKY and the EBU were happy with the fight. It would have been a joint promotion between Brian Peters and Matchroom, but it was turned down by Mr McGuigan. Mr McGuigan blamed it on business, but that has always been a good excuse for not accepting a fight! Both Willie Casey and Carl Frampton are going to have to start climbing the ladder because the only way they will fight Kiko now is if they are mandatory challenger.

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