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Kellie Harrington hits out at IABA ‘Sh!t Show’

Kellie Harrington didn’t pull any punches when discussing the ‘sh!t show’ surrounding Bernard Dunne’s exit from the IABA.

The Olympic gold medal winner has been vocal in her support of the former world champion who felt he had to resign from his role as the Irish Athletic Boxing Association’s high performance director earlier this month.

Despite calls from the IABA and indeed Harrington to reconsider Dunne, handed in his resignation allegedly upset with the backing and support he was receiving from within the organisation.

The Dubliner lodged a complaint with IABA CEO Fergal Carruth in November with reference to an unsigned document calling for his immediate resignation, which was circulated at board level before what proved to be a very successful Olympic Games.

The former pro star argued the SWOT analysis, which went public, was shared to deliberately discredit him. There was meant to be a hearing into his complaint earlier this year but it was postponed – and it’s understood that Dunne then decided it was time to resign.

It’s all part of a complex political scenario that Harrington simply sums up as a ‘sh!t show’.

“I’ve no idea what’s going on,” the Dublin star responded when asked about the latest developments within the IABA.

“I just know that it’s a sh**show at the moment and it’s been like that for a number of years,” she adds before calling for the issue to be addressed.

“Something keeps happening all the time. It needs to be sorted out because the only people missing out are the boxers.

Harrington also revealed she would love to see the Clondlakin native return to the role but having spoken to him can’t foresee that happening, suggesting the stress involved has proved too much for the St Matthews BC graduate.

“Secretly, in my head, I’m hoping that it gets sorted out and that Bernard will take his job back, but I think that’s probably not going to happen, but that’s what I would love to happen.

“I’ve spoken to Bernard and said to him, ‘I’d love you to be back and to be looking after us’, even to get us through the qualifiers and then get us through Paris (Olympic Games).

“But I’ve also said to him, ‘listen, your health is your wealth, this is just part of your life and you’ve got to look after yourself. By looking after yourself, you can look after your family. You’ve got to make the right decisions.'”

Harrington was speking as she was been unveiled as a Dublin City Council Sports Ambassador as part of a new three-year deal. The partnership sees Dublin City Council (DCC) teaming up with Harrington and Paralympic champion Ellen Keane to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity in Dublin, while highlighting the importance of a wide and varied sporting infrastructure for a healthy and happy city.


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