Kavanagh to right Ramesis Gill wrongs on March 24

By Jonny Stapleton

Ireland’s Golden Boy Jamie Kavanagh plans to put his disappointing draw with Ramesis Gill behind him with victory on the James Kirkland and Carlos Molina undercard in Texas on March 24.

However, the Dubliner isn’t just eager to make a return to winning ways late next month, the World Youth medallist is keen right the wrongs of his last display.

It not a case of “The Nuisance” being chastised, but there are some fight issues his team are keen for him to set straight.

“I just got word I will be boxing on March 24th in Texas. My fight will be on the Kirland Molina undercard, that was a card I wanted to be on. It will also feature the great Eric Moralles, which is exciting,” Kavanagh told www.irish-boxing.com

“It will be my first fight sicne my draw with Gill and I am looking forward to putting that performance behind me. Some good things did come out of that fight. We seen things we want to set straight. I am really excited to being out again.”

There is a possibility the former Crumlin amateur, who arrived in America via Spain, will fight on Amir Khan’s next card, but he claims his Texan fight is his sole focus at present .

Having a date set finally means Kavanagh can look forward to his next paid ring session rather than look back at what could  prove a very valuable career draw, if Kavanagh takes on board the lessons learnt.

“There is a possibility I will be on Amir Khans next card, but I am not looking a that at present. My fight in Texas is all that is on my mind. It is nice to have a date set. It helps him focus and shows Golden Boy are looking to keep me active. I want to be active. The plan for this year is to have three or four fights before the summer then break for August unless something comes out of the woodwork. Then come back to the Wild Card in September and finish the year off,” Kavanagh added.

Kavanagh also took time to thank his sponsors, who he claims give him great support.

“I would like to take the chance to thank my sponsors www.mylotterypick.com. They are very important to me because without backing it is very hard to progress to a certain point. We are looking to work together from now until I am world champ one day.”

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