Kavanagh Not Homeward Bound Just Yet

Irish Prospect of the Year Jamie Kavanagh believes there is no place like home, but claims career wise America is where it is at for him at present.
The LA resident claims he would love to return to Ireland to fight but only after he has made a name Stateside.
Kavanagh’s is being progressed expertly by Golden Boy Promotions and is receiving a master education in a Wild Card Gym that he shares with Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao.
The former Driminagh amateur stand out does want to top Irish bills eventually but would prefer to come home a star.
“There is no place like home,” Kavanagh told Ger Gilroy on Newstalk. “I want do like what Bernard did, come home and fight in front of Irish fan. Steve Collins, Bernard and Wayne McCullough trained with Freddie Roach just like I am and went home to great success.”
“However, I want to go home when it is right for me. I want to do it my own way and not just because the other fighters did it.  Lot of people star career at home and then move over to USA. I am here where mainstream boxing is. If I make a name for myself here it won’t be difficult if I have to go home then.”

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