Joyce Disappointed But Focused On May

By Paddy Appleton


John Joe Joyce told that he is disappointed in not making the Olympics squad but that his focus is solely on May’s multi-nations event instead.


The Dublin light welterweight told us he felt a little let down that he was not travelling to Turkey in April.


“I would like to have been going to the final Olympic qualifer in Turkey because I thought I did enough in this year’s senior final but it was not to be.


“Instead I’ve just been training with the high performance team for the next couple of weeks,” said Joyce.


“I have 2 multi-nations coming up in May so just getting ready for them really. Training has been going well so I’m looking forward to May.”


As well as getting on with the job at hand, we also asked Joyce why he has stayed in the amateur game since 2008 instead of turning professional like so many of his peers.


“I did get a few offers after Beijing and I turned them down, but that was four years ago so if the right offer came along I’d have to see.


“I’d sit down with my dad and think about it. I would see what’s best for me but if it didn’t happen I’d be glad to stay amateur.


“I’m happy enough with my boxing at the moment and May’s event is the only thing on my mind. But, we don’t know what the future holds so you never know.”

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