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Maverick Johnny Quigley confident ahead of Jono Carroll clash

There’s not much footage available online of Johnny Quigley [14(3)-0], however even if there were, you would not be able to glean much from it.

The Scouser, who faces Jono Carroll [13(1)-0] in Belfast on June 17th, is a real wildcard and admits he himself doesn’t know what he will do when he steps into the ring.

A hands-down southpaw who would give most coaches heart failure, the MTK super feather is confident that he brings an utterly unique style to the ring, and one which Dunshaughlin’s Carroll will be unable to unlock at the Waterfront Hall next month.

“He’ll never fight anyone like me,” Quigley confidently stated.

“My style is very unique. I box with my hands by my side, very dangerous, very risky, possibly inches away from getting knocked out, but it’s my style.”

“It’s very hard to plan against someone who doesn’t know what they’re going to do, I don’t know what I’m going to do, how can you plan for me? I ain’t got a clue.”

“People always say ‘put your hands up, put your hands up,’ but it’s just the style I’ve developed over the years.

“I’ve been boxing since I was 11, I’ve been in the gym since I was six, I was on the Olympic team, I’ve been all over the world, I won the Commonwealth [Youth] Games.”

“I’m in the gym every day, developing, making it better and better.”

Quigley has been around since turning pro six years ago. A period in America preceded a ring hiatus of over two years, with the Englishman eventually returning in October with a stoppage win over the durable Simas Volosinas.

Explaining the absence, Quigley described how “I had a little spell in America. I had two fights in Hollywood, and I had a fight in North Carolina.”

“When I came back I got promised titles but it was just never delivered, so I kinda got fed up with it, lost heart in it, and fell out of love.”

The hunger is most definitely back now for the IBF East/West European title fight, and Quigley notes how “if this fight doesn’t get you up in the morning to run, nothing well.”

“I’ve been a bit inactive, but my preparation, my sparring, will make up for my inactivity.”

It’s a career-defining fight for me because, if I win this, it’s a title, it puts me on to the world rankings and I can just boot on from there. This is a fight that I can’t lose.”

“I’m 100% confident in myself. I’ve not got a doubt in mind that I’m not going to win this fight.”

“It’s got the recipe to be a great fight, I’m excited and I can’t wait.”

A Liverpudlian with head of red hair and a name like Quigley, there’s no doubt that the 27 year old has Irish in him somewhere – although the man himself is unsure of the exact link. Regardless, he is excited to fight in Ireland.

“I’m looking forward to fighting in Ireland because Irish fight fans are the best in the world – along with Scousers!” he laughed.

“Scousers and Irish are the best because they’re passionate, but they know what they’re looking at as well.”

“Hopefully with my name I’ll get a bit of support!”

The cad next month also features Paddy Barnes, Jamie Conlan, Stephen Ormond, Steven Ward, Lewis Crocker, Sean McGlinchey and the pro debut of Davey Oliver Joyce.

Tickets for the ‘Battle of Belfast’ card on June 17th at the Waterfront Hall cost £30, £40, £60, and £150, and are available from the boxers involved or from HERE.

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