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Johnny Nelson reveals the two things Brendan Ingle told him to expect from Irish fighters

There are two things common to all Irish fighters according to Johnny Nelson.

The former cruiserweight champion of the world fought out of the famous Wincobank Gym in Sheffield, meaning he had legendary Irish trainer Brendan Ingley in his corner.

That in turn meant he had an interesting insight into the ways of the Irish fighters.

Indeed with the pioneering Ingle, who often heralded as a massive influence on his career and life, in his corner the Sky Sports pundit had a unique and educated understanding of Irish boxers.

“Brendan, always said ‘when you fight an Irish fighter, there’s two things you have got to watch out for,” he told SportsJoe.

“You know they can fight that’s one thing. They’ll be in your face, they will not let you let you off the hook. They take no prisoners and they are so driven. They are driven, they’re driven by something – they fight like they have got a proper chip on their shoulder.

“He said, when you get into fighting an Irish fighter, you’ve got to make sure you’re fit. Don’t try and bull**** through the fight. You’ve gotta win and you’re talent will win. Your skill will win, so when it comes to come to Irish fighters, they’re relentless.

“They are good boxers, they are really good boxers, but they are good boxers because they are very brave, courageous boxers.

“Brendan says the Irish fighters are passionate. They have a belief, even if nobody else believes in them. They are passionate fighters, you cannot go in there cut, you’ve got to go in there fit and confident, otherwise you’re going to get beat.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years