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John Joe Nevin ‘Very Proud’ of The Mullingar Shuffler Jnr

The Mullingar Shuffle returned home earlier this month, gracing the National Stadium, the venue where it made its debut.

It wasn’t the legs of Olympic medal winner and 16 time National Champion, John Joe Nevin doing the shuffling but rather the fleet-footed approach of his son, Martin Nevin.

The young prospect, known as the ‘Mullingar Shuffler Jnr’ claimed his first National title over the Easter period when he was crowned Boy 3 Irish champion at 40kgs.

It was a proud moment for his father and coach, John Joe Nevin, a fighter deemed one of Ireland’s great amateurs and the kind of success the Westmeath man believes he will celebrate time and time again.

“I’m very proud of him,” Nevin told

“I’ve won 16 national titles myself and this one, the one he’s won means the world to me. He’s a little class act. He’s so much more advanced than I was when I was his age. I suppose he has the benefit of me being able teach him the stuff it took me later on in my career to learn,” he adds before revealing like most father-son relationships the apprentice attempts to become the master.

“I teach him all I can but he knows everything now, so now it’s him teaching me stuff,” he says smiling.

Nevin wasn’t the only teen with a famous father to win Irish honours this month, Joe Ward’s son Joe Ward Jr also celebrated underage National success, suggesting having a connection to someone who has been there and done it is helpful.

Although, Nevin doesn’t think that is always the case.

“I’m extra proud of him because he has a little more to deal with when he boxes. He put so much pressure on himself over me being his dad. That played a part when he fell short twice before. Just plain pressure took its toll, so this win means a lot.”

Martin Nevin will now contest the Junior Cadets in just under two months. He is hopeful he can claim a second Irish title and secure a slot on the team to contest the European Junior Championships.

The Mullingar Shuffler BC boxer is ready to train hard to make that happen and his Olympic medal-winning father is hopeful he can get help to ensure he – and those that train at the new club – have the facilities to make that happen.

“The place I’m renting is a bit run down. The roof leaks and when it’s raining its very very poor,” he says.

“It’s all I could sort at the minute with no sponsorship and it’s amazing how quick we have captured our first title in facilities like that.

“If any sponsorship would like to jump on board hit me up, as I have a good crop of lads coming through and I’ve an awful good feeling about my son Martin. I think he can make it all the way to the Olympics someday where he will top his old man’s record.”


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