Jamie Moore: I think Macklin was over trained not shot

AFTER witnessing Matthew Macklin run out of steam and suffer Dublin defeat to Sebastian Heiland earlier this month most experts have claimed the Irish middleweight should and will hang up his gloves.

The consensus among a lot of pundits is that World level now seems beyond the three time world title challenger and knowing ‘Mack The Knife’ no longer wants to cut it at domestic level they suggest Heiland will prove the final chapter of an all action and highly entertaining career.

However, former Macklin foe Jamie Moore, who coached his fellow former Irish champion for a short period, doesn’t believe the ‘Tipperary Tornado’ is blown out or shot.

Moore doesn’t think Macklin got old over night, rather he believes he was over trained for the World title eliminator. The former British champ revealed Macklin was in the gym since March expecting to fight Daniel Geale in the Summer and when that bout fell through he started to prepare for an August return. The August card was postponed so he had a third camp for the November bout.

Moore believes it all took his toll and as a result says Macklin should consider giving it one more go.

“Whether or not he should retire is a decision for him. If I thought watching it he looked totally spent I would say ‘you’ve had a great career just walk away’. The way I saw it was for three rounds he was sharp against a very good fighter. Then all of a sudden he hit a brick wall. To me that just looks like he over trained,” Moore told IFL TV.

“He had been in the gym since March and for a 32 year old fight to be continuously training for that long you are going to be drained. I don’t think it is a true reflection of where he is at. If he wants to walk away fine, we celebrate the great career he has had, but personally I would like to see him get back in the gym and see how he feels. If he feels he still has something left I think he should have one more go.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years