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Jamie Conlan says Paddy Donovan vs Lewis Crocker is done

It’s signed, sealed, and soon to be delivered claims Jamie Conlan.

The Conlan Boxing boss says Paddy Donovan and Lewis Crocker have already agreed to fight and the former Commonwealth champion expects what would be massively anticipated all-Irish fights to happen later this year.

The exciting Irish stars in the making have been linked since they both shared the same fight card in Belfast in January.

Debate after both won at the Ulster Hall early this year surrounded around whether or not it should happen next or be allowed to simmer.

Why wait seemed to the thinking of Eddie Hearn and the powers that be in Matchroom but both were handed separate early summer fight dates.

Donovan defeated Lewis Ritson on the Taylor – Catterall two card and Crocker faces Connah Walker in Birmingham this weekend.

If ‘The Croc’ does come through that test unscathed, Conlan, who manages the Belfast side of the rivalry, says the trigger will be pulled, and the Limerick vs Belfast fight will happen next.

Speaking to Boxing Tickets NI the former world title challenger said: “[Paddy Donovan’s] signed in now to fight Lewis Crocker. If Crocker comes through Conah Walker, then they’re gonna have to meet. He wrote his cheques, he has to cash them in. It’s a fantastic fight for Irish boxing”

Speaking after he defeated former British challenger and Newcastle ticket seller, Ritson, Donovan suggested Crocker may not want the fight.

“Whoever wins it will not want to fight me,” said ‘The Real Deal’.

“The two of them are good fighters. It’s a tough fight for Crocker – Walker is a very good, solid fighter, a seasoned fighter and he’s in his home patch. So it’s a tough fight for Crocker – it’s tough for Walker too because Crocker is a great fighter.

“Them boys will slug it out but none of them will want this smoke on the next round, believe me.”


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