Irish World title fight in Fury’s future?

By Jonny Stapleton

He might be having trouble securing a viable opponent for his September 17 Kings Hall appearance, but Tyson Fury is promising to bring the worlds best heavyweight to Ireland in the future.

The British and Commonwealth champion has unsuccessfully tried to tempt Mike Perez,

Pic Brendan Galbraith

Coleman Barrett and Martin Rogan to challenge him in Belfast next month, but revealed he is planning to bring the biggest fighters and fights to Ireland over the coming years.

The big pugilist, who recently brought his long campaign to prove his Irish roots to a successful end, claims he plans to challenge for the World title in Ireland some day.

“I’m not bothered who the opponent is on September 17. Whoever he is he’ll be coming to knock me out. I am here to win. I want a world title fight in the Aviva Stadium or Croke Park. That is the plan and this is another step on the road to achieving that,” Fury explained.

However, despite targeting heavyweight world title domination, Fury claims he is not yet ready to step to World level.

The two world champions and Klitschko brothers have both expressed an interest in fighting the 23 year old, but Fury would prefer to wait till he learns his trade further.

The 6 foot 7 puncher did claim, however that he would have no problem in fighting David Haye if something tangible was on the line.

“Both Klitschko’s are interested in fighting me but I’ve only just turned 23 and I need to learn my trade and be ready. I don’t want to mess around like David Haye did, I want to go and knock them out. .

“David Haye’s a complainer, he’s got no heart, he didn’t try and win against the Klitschko, he’s a small fighter who complained about his little toe and he’s useless. Haye owns no titles and has nothing that I want. Maybe if he gets another title then we can get it on in the future. I’m British and Commonwealth champion and see my promoter so whoever wants it let’s get it on and let the best man win.”


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