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Irish International Results – Tony Browne beats Olympian

Following on from Gabriel Dossen’s exploits on Friday, Tony Browne has defeated a elite Olympian.

The Dublin heavyweight was in action in the Eindhoven Box Cup in the Netherlands and defeated Peter Mullenberg on a 3-2 split after a war in yesterday’s semi-finals.

Browne, still adjusting to the higher weight, became the first man to defeat 2016 Olympian and multi-international medallist Mullenberg in Holland and will now face Coup├ę Seydi in this afternoon’s final.

Dossen, who beat 2008 Olympian Herry Biembe in the quarters, overcame England’s Ramtin Musah in the semis, avenging a defeat from earlier this year. The Galway middleweight will now face Holland’s Max van der Pas in the final.

Swords light welter Michael Avetisian also scored a unanimous win over Sean Spence and will now face Monaco’s Hugo Micallef in the final.

There was no joy, however, for Alanna Nihell who was beaten on a 4-1 split by Chelsey Heijen.

Eindhoven Box Cup
Friday October 12th
Quarter Finals
60kg Ryan O’Rourke (St Michael’s Dublin) lost to Anas El-Abd (NRW Team Germany) 1-4
64kg Michael Avetisian (Swords) beat Pert Novák (Czech Republic)
64kg Alanna Nihell (British Army) best Gardner Moore (Lochend) 5-0
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Herry Biembe (Switzerland)
91kg Tony Browne (St Michael’s Dublin) beat Joshua Woods (British Army) 5-0

Saturday October 13th
Semi Finals
64kg Alanna Nihell (British Army) lost to Chelsey Heijnen (Netherlands) 1-4
64kg Michael Avetisian (Swords) beat Sean Spence (Lochend) 5-0
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Ramtin Musah (Beartown) 5-0
91kg Tony Browne (St Michael’s Dublin) beat Peter Mullenberg (Netherlands) 3-2

Sunday October 14th
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) v Max van der Pas (Netherlands)
91kg Tony Browne (St Michael’s Dublin) v Coup├ę Seydi (Hemois)

Closer to home, at the New Ross Youth Centre in Eniscorthy, an Irish team drew 4-4 with Wales in a show put on by Sacre Coeur BC.

Following a 6-5 win on Friday night, it was honours even in the second leg.

Evan Kirwan, Lee Gallagher, Steven Doyle and Adam Kinsella, in the last bout of the night, had their hands raised in victory for Ireland.

Ireland v Wales
Friday October 12th
39kg Fionn O Leary lost to Harvey Williams 0-5
43kg Cian Dolan  lost to John Murphy 2-3
38kg Paddy Cleary beat  Jake Morris 5-0
35,5kg Callum Ruth beat  Corey Jones 3-2
45kg Micheal Faulkner beat Kieran Bevan 4-1
59kg Logan Whlean lost to Tom Price 0-5
46kg James Moorehouse lost to Romeo Costa 0-5
60kg Ryan Cullen beat Alex O Sullivan 3-2
52kg Adam Hession  beat James Probert 5-0
69kg Jake Cox lost to Taylor Bevan 0-5
51kg Niamh Early beat Helen Jones 5-0
Ireland v Wales
Saturday October 13th
Ireland v Wales
41.5kg Gavin Ryan lost to Tommy Jo Jones 1-4
59kg Evan Kirwan beat Tom Price 3-2
43kg Michael Nugent lost to John Murphy 0-5
42kg Martin Collins lost to Kieran Jones 1-4
39kg Lee Gallagher beat Harvey Williams 3-2
52kg Steven Doyle beat Mohammed Hashim 4-1
64kg Matthew Tyndal lost to  Garvan Cofts 0-5
50kg Adam Kinsella beat  Kobert Crocker 5-0


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