Introducing: ‘Dreamhills’ Prince Brady

One of Ireland’s newest pro prospects, Prince Brady, comes into the paid ranks full of confidence.

The Skerries bantamweight, who has relocated to London in recent years, has turned pro under respected manager Steve Goodwin and will be trained by former British super bantamweight champion Matt Marsh

A fighter with an outgoing personality, Brady states that the move has been the coming a long time – since he was one day old!

The youngster explained to that “in ’94 when I was born, just out of the womb, the doctors told my family that ‘this boy’s face belongs on national television!’ So that is part of why I’ve made the massive step.”

“I have been boxing as an amateur since I was 12 and I just turned 23 – and I feel it’s the right time to make the transition because timing and precision is key to success.”

“My best friend Alda once told me that it’s the perfect time to come in the game and milk the cow, as Irish and British boxing is at its best right now.”

In terms of his fighting style, Brady pays tribute to Bracken BC in Balbriggan where he honed his trade alongside the likes of Crank Whitehouse and Christopher O’Reilly before moving to the famous West Ham club in London.

The Zimbabwean-born fighter believes that the Irish system has provided him with a sound technical base which he can bring into the pros.

Brady outlined how “I come from North Dublin, Bracken BC right! A successful amateur gym with World and European contenders, countless national and international champions, including myself, so you got to put that into perspective.”

“Everything I learned whilst I was an amateur in Bracken was based on skill and technique and those are the fundamentals of boxing – hence why Irish boxers are the most skilfull in the Olympics next to the Cubans.”

“I couldn’t say I have one particular style as I could imitate the majority of my opponents depending on how I feel at that particular moment. As a fighter I feel you should be able to adapt in any situation because one punch could change a fight. ”

“I would like to compare my style to Adrien Broner because I’m fully equipped with arsenals on both hands and I just can’t wait to showcase it to the world on my debut!”

Four-weight champ Broner may be ‘About Billions,’ but Brady is ‘About Belts.’

The fighter, who also performs as a rapper, noted that “I’m not really going to disclose too much information on my long term or short term goals – but understand that my Gucci and Ferragamo belts aren’t cutting it anymore, I’ve got my eyes on them green belts.”

As he begins his quest for belts, Brady will be backed by major UK promoter Steve Goodwin and is expected to debut in September. ‘Dreamhills’ is appreciative of the support and described how “Goodwin is helping me a lot over at this side of the pond with promotion and getting me the right fights at the right time.”

“He has given me a foundation and believed in me when no one else did so it does help bring confidence in my boxing – but at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, it’s all on me.”

“I also want to thank everyone for the massive support over in Ireland and everyone who’s following the journey, my team Dreamhills, and God because without him this wouldn’t be possible.”

Follow Brady on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat at @Dreamhills7

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