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Introducing: Martin Quinn

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Martin Quinn is one of the latest additions to the rapidly expanding Irish pro scene, and the Dublin lightweight is a big character with a big punch.

29 years old, the Crumlin fighter is a late starter in the sport, picking up the gloves for the first time in his mid twenties. However, Quinn feels he has the determination, the popularity, and the power to be a domestic success.

The Sean Carton-trained fighter has linked up with Boxing Ireland Promotions and looks set to debut on the Celtic Clash 3 card on September 9th at the National Stadium

Describing his entry into the sport, Quinn explained to Irish-Boxing.com that “I’m only boxing about four years now. I won the Novices twice, the Dublin Novices and the Third Year Novices. I got to the finals in an awful lot of things as well and things didn’t go my way.”

“I’m going to give this [professional boxing] a bash and see how it goes. That’s what everyone keeps telling me, most people think I’ll do better with the pro game. I get a bit anxious in there [the amateurs] so the pro game seems to suit me a bit better, I get to take my time.”

“I’m going to go at 61kg [lightweight], I boxed at 63kg [light welter], I’ll get the two off no problem. 61kg will suit me better, I’ll hold my strength when I drop my weight””

Quinn has had a taste of the pros through Jay Byrne’s Semi-Pro Boxing Ireland venture, and believes the move to the paid ranks is a “no brainer.”

“I’m a popular lad and sure I’m doing it now for nothing, so if I can sell one hundred tickets and get fifteen hundred, two grand, why not?”

“The last semi-pro show I did, I did a six rounder [two minute rounds] against a very tough Polish bloke. I won every round – but he nearly knocked me out in the first round!”

“That gave me the taste of it, eight ounce gloves, no headgear, no top. That made me want it more.”

“I love a little rough up, I always did, I may as well get paid for it. It works out every way for me, it’s a no brainer.”

What he lacks in experience, Quinn makes up in heart and determination. This could be seen in a spar last Thursday with top pro Eric Donovan.

One of the most skillful fighters in the country, Donovan landed plenty on Quinn who was back in the ring for the first time since February. The gutsy ginger however would continue to march forward, exhausted, for the entirety of the spar

The charismatic Dubliner noted afterwards that “if you don’t have heart there’s no point in getting in there – and I’ve more balls than heart.”

“I never thought I’d be in sparring with Eric Donovan, he’s VERY good. I stood my ground though”

“I work, I come to the gym, I go home to my baby. I work labouring on building restoration, today I did 70 bags of slates and then came in here to get in with a pro!”

While he is not as experienced or decorated as most other Irish pros, Quinn believes he has the style to make an impact on the domestic scene.

“I’ll always be in exciting fights,” he promised. “I’m not one to punch and move. I’m one to get in there and stick with it.”

“I’m strong and I’ll fight anybody. With eight ounce gloves, if I hit anybody they’ll feel it.”

I’ve man strength, I’ve been in a gym all my life. That’s one of my main things, I’ve an awful lot of strength in two hands. My left and my right, they hit the same. That’s what everyone else tells me. Seany wont even hold the pads for me, because I hurt his hands.

Outlining his plans Quinn confidently states that “my goal is an Irish title. I know for a fact that I will get an Irish title.”

“I’m not throwing any names out there – because I haven’t got a leg to stand on! But there’s a few out there who are pro right now that I know, with eight weeks training, I would take them out. That’s my goal anyway.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)

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