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IABA Release Statement after EGM Vote

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association will remain aligned to the International Boxing Association (IBA) after a special resolution to amend the constitution was defeated at a firey EGM on Saturday.

The IABA tried to pass a special resolution that would have allowed them to vote on which body they would move forward with.

The powers that be in the IABA believe a link up with the recently founded World Boxing body, which seems to be favoured by International Olympic Committee (IOC) who have expressed grave concerns with regard to the IBA’s running of the sport.

Indeed the banned the IBA from having any involvement in the Olympics and have threatened to pull the sport from the Games entirely.

At the EGM, a 75% majority among the IABA delegates was required for the resolution to be passed.

Of the 118 valid votes, 84 voted in favour, 24 against, the resolution falling just six votes short of the required amount.

As a result, the vote on an affiliation with the newly formed World Boxing body was unable to take place.


A majority of Irish boxing clubs attending today’s EGM voted in favour of constitutional change, which would have allowed the Irish Athletic Boxing Association to join any international federation the members voted for. The special resolution cannot, however, be enacted.

71% of delegates voted in favour, and 29% against. As the special resolution proposed change to our Constitution, it required 75% to pass. That this was not achieved today is less important that the conversations at that took place at our four EGM Info Meetings attended by 111 clubs, the questions posed by our members and shared with all clubs, here, and the almost 3 hours of exchange of views at the home of Irish boxing today.

Attendee clubs: 131

Ballots cast: 122

Spoiled ballots: 4

Total Poll: 118

Votes in favour: 84

Votes against: 34

Result: special resolution not passed

As the special resolution did not pass, the motion, “Does your club wish IABA to remain a member of the International Boxing Association (IBA) AND affiliate to World Boxing?” did not proceed, as it couldn’t be acted upon without the constitutional amendment proposed in the special resolution.

The vote was very tight, just 4% in the difference, but the clubs have spoken. It is very important to note that the majority of clubs here today wanted to change our constitution to allow us flexibility and choice, the bar for passing this special resolution is very high – 75%. It means that IABA remains constitutionally tied to IBA. The Board of Directors respects the outcome of this vote. We understand that many clubs made difficult decisions – and every club put their boxers at the centre of their decision-making. We held meetings in every province before this EGM and what we’ve learned is that we, as a community, need to communicate better with one another. We’ll consult with members on what that looks like, and create a path forward, together, from there.”

Chair of the IABA Board of Directors, Niall O’Carroll


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