IABA issue ‘Reintroduction of Contact Training Protocols’ document

The IABA have issued a ‘guidance document’ to help clubs who are capable of returning to contact training.

It reads as follows:

The following guidance document has been issued to assist clubs who have the capacity to facilitate contact training sessions. The information contained in this document is subject to review and update by the IABA. Our priority is to ensure the health and well being of all athletes,volunteers,coaches, staff & support personnel. This document outlines measures in line with public health guidelines, that affiliated clubs need to implement to allow for the reintroduction of contact training. These measures will be in place until further notice and will only be updated as advised by the IABA, the National Health Authorities and with the gradual lifting of social restrictions.

For more information please visit:https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/c36c85-covid-19-coronavirus/https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/campaigns/coronavirus-covid-19.http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance/embed/#?secret=HMEwJUeLCh

This document outlines the robust measures the IABA would like clubs to implement and maintain to help safeguard members during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow all of us to get back to boxing, safely, helping to ensure the wellbeing of all our members.This document should be read in conjunction with all other IABA protocol and guidance documents.

For more information please visit:http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance/.

It is acknowledged that during this phase of the IABA return to training roadmap, that in order to have any meaningful participation, members will come into (close) contact with one another for short periods of time throughout the ‘play’ element of sessions. Specifically, this refers to the contact elements of the sport (i.e. pad work, school boxing, sparring etc). At all other times, rest breaks, listening to instructions, etc, participants should adhere to social distancing practices and other public health measures-hand hygiene, cough/ sneeze etiquette, etc.

For more information please visit:https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/c36c85-covid-19-coronavirus/https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/campaigns/coronavirus-covid-19.

The over-arching principle remains to limit the amount of time members are in very close contact with one another therefore helping to reduce transmission of Covid-19. During this period clubs should place additional emphasis on room ventilation, sanitising surfaces and hand washing. Reintroduction of Contact Training. Please note, that from 05/09/20affiliated clubs who have completed all IABA required Covid-19 protocols (for more information please visit -http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance/) and who are in a position to facilitate contact training in a safe fashion that follows both the appropriate health advisory guidelines and IABA protocols, can do so. Clubs reintroducing contact training will need to read this document and all other accompanying IABA guidance documents in their entirety and implement all the required protocols (for more information please visit -http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance/). 2*NB:

Before reintroducing contact training clubs MUSTconduct a risk assessment.Please note that current government restrictions in relation to Pod Training MUST be implemented during this period (for more information please visit http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance/). Pad WorkSessions•

Coaches MUST wear appropriate PPE during Pad work sessions. Coaches must wear a face shield or mask and googles for all pad sessions with athletes and a protective apron over their clothes.

•Coaches MUSTwipe down their face shield with disinfectant wipes after every pad session or dispose of their mask and googles after every Pad session.For more information please visit http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance/•Athletesand coaches should maintain at least a 2-meter distance during all breaks between rounds.

•During this phase and until further notice, coaches/athleteswill need to operate withintheguidance issued relating to Training in Multiple Pods.

For more information please visit http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance/School boxing/Tic-Tac Sessions•School boxing/Tic-Tac sessions should only be conducted with the members of the same pod throughout the entire session

.•Athletes should maintain at least a 2-meter distance during all breaks between rounds.

•During this phase and until further notice, coaches/athletes will need to operate within the guidance issued relating to Training in Multiple Pods.For more information please visit http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance/Sparring Sessions•Clubs should designate specific days/times for sparring sessions.

It is advised that athletes taking part in sparring sessions have staggered times of entry to the gym to mitigate unnecessary contact with other athletes and to allow the coach to monitor the session.•Individual sparring sessions should be restricted to a maximum time limit of 12 minutes –(i.e. 3 minutes x 3 rounds) with 1-minute breaks between rounds. 3•Athletes should remain on opposite sides of the ring from each other maintaining at least a 2-meter distance during all breaks between rounds.

•The athlete should insert and remove their own gumshield. •Athletes CAN ONLY spar with members of their own pods during a sparring session. •Sparring must be limited to two athletes per ring at any one time.•Coaches will maintain a social distance of 2 meters from athletes during sparring.•Coaches MUST wear a face mask during sparring sessions.•Boxers should refrain from sharing this equipment with or from using the equipment of other members. It is recognised that this may not be feasible in all cases. Clubs seeking additional information on the safe use of equipment should consult the COVID-19: Additional Information for Clubs document.

*It is highly recommended that equipment used during sparring sessions i.e. gloves and headgears is not be shared amongst athletes.

•Athletes must take all equipment used during sparring sessions (i.e. gum shield, hand wraps, etc) home with them after the session. No equipment should be left in the gym to dry or air.

•During this phase and until further notice, coaches/athletes will need to operate within the guidance issued relating to Training in Multiple Pod. For more information please visit http://iaba.ie/covid-19-guidance.IABA-Return-to-Play-Protect-yourself-at-all-times-05.09.20-1DownloadTRAINING-IN-MULTIPLE-PODS-05.09.20Download

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