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“I was going down a very slippery slope” – Reborn McShane overjoyed to be back

The band is finally back together and Daniel McShane feels like singing Christmas carols.

McShane says he has come through a rough patch to reunite with the people that “mean the most” to him within the boxing world and, as a result, is back for good and ready to make ring music for the first time since 2015.

McShane, who was always aware some spice is needed to make the sweet science that bit more entertaining, attempted a comeback under Kieran Farrell and Martin Rogan earlier this year to no avail.

However, after announcing a he is set to return on the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ dinner show at the Europa Hotel in Belfast on Saturday February 3rd, ‘Insane’ in adamant he back for good.

The 24 year old is reunited with his old team mate and long time friend James Tennyson on the card, but claims more importantly he is back working with coach Tony Dunlop, promoter Mark Dunlop and Dan Boyle.

“I’ve said I was coming back and never followed through with it, but I am back now,” McShane [9(3)-1(1)] told Irish-Boxing.com before explaining some in touching fashion the reasons his comebacks didn’t materialise.  

“What happened was, I was a bit upset when I got the injury back in 2015 and I was listening to other people’s views and not my own. I seemed to take it out on the wrong people. From that I signed with Kieran [Farrell] and had a fight lined up but that didn’t happen due to the passing of my best friend Manuel Caddell. Manuel passed away in a tragic car accident at the age of 22 leaving his young daughter Mya behind and I just couldn’t get over it.”

“I was going down a very slippery slope around then. But one day I woke up a realized how short life can be. I surrounded myself with family and great people that have helped me massively from then. Then when I was on the mend I contacted the people who meant most to me in the boxing world Mark Dunlop, Tony Dunlop and Dan Boyle.”

“It would have been  easy for them to turn the meeting down and say there is no chance after my actions. But they are kind hearted people and where more than happy to take me back under their wings.”

“It’s like waking up on Christmas morning every day at the moment. I feel so grateful to be alive and healthy. I am very excited about fighting on February 3 rdand the thought of it drives me on in training every day.”

Before injury saw him slip to a first defeat back in 2015, a then 9-0 McShane was starting to call fighters out and felt ready to move through the gears.

After such a long period out of the ring, most would expect a period of reintegration for the Belfast fighter – but while he feels there will be a one fight at a time element to his comeback, he remains confident he comes back a better and more equipped operator.

Well now, I know to take one fight at a time after the last outing. I feel as if I will begin just where I left off. I genuinely feel a lot stronger a lot more accurate. I will be as fit as I ever was come February 3rd. I’m a different beast now and  those that buy tickets and attend will know what I mean after my fight.”

McShane, who thanked Martin Rogan and John Breen for their help during his time out of the ring, was known for his brilliant and unique ring walk. 

Such was the entrance that it was first thing some mentioned when a possible ‘Insane’ revival was revealed.

McShane may not be bringing back the straight jacket and Hannibal Lector mask, but claims his new ring walk won’t disappoint. 

“The Europa is a very special place to me as it is where I had my first job and a family member works there and most of all it’s in the heart of my own city so all I’m saying it that the ring walk this time around will be very different and special.”



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