Hyland will return

8 November 2010 – Jonny Stapleton

Paul Hyland was the victim of his own success last Saturday night according to his trainer and father Paddy Hyland.

Hyland senior believes Irish super bantamweight champion negated the box and move game plan after he impressed going toe to toe with puncher Willie Casey in their exciting EBU title clash.

The Dubliner, who called for and was offered a rematch by Casey, paid the ultimate price and was stopped in the fourth round of what was a hugely entertaining fight.

Paulie got a bit of success and ran away with himself forgetting the game plan. We were screaming at Paulie to stay on the outside but he grew in confidence after trading with Willie and catching him with some strong shots. Everything sounds like an excuse after the fight but we are not taking anything away from Willie, we all know how strong he is. He is champion now and at the end of the day we are all Irish here. We took the fight at two weeks notice because we believed and still believe Paulie Hyland has the skills to beat Willie.

Paulie Hyland, who only bore emotional scares in the post press conference, did feel the stoppage was a little premature but paid tribute to the new champion.

The stylist, who was backed by Casey to return stronger, also stressed he will bounce back and wants to fight the winner of Casey and Kiko Martinezs continental clash next year.

One silly clip to the back of ear and I couldnt see anything. Willie took advantage, thats the way boxing goes. I tried to fight back but my vision was blurred. I hope Willie holds on to the belt because I will be coming back to get it again. I am not taking anything away from Willie he is champion, but I felt strong and felt like I could have went on. I got a little bit excited and mixed it Willie. I am disappointed with the stoppage but not complaining, he added.

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