How to make a successful wager on boxing

Knowledge can be key when placing a bet on a boxing fight. No doubt insider is more valuable in the fight game than the majority of other sports. However, having the fundamentals is probably as important. There are betting strategies and tips which you can follow that will enhance your odds of beating the odds.

Here are some factors you should consider when betting on boxing:

1. Take into account the betting options. You can find odds on outright winner, manner of victory, round of victory and how long the fight will last. 

For example, when you search for how to bet on boxing you will have a number of options and variety of bets to choose from. It’s important to find the odds and bet to suit you. 

Do you fancy a points win, a stoppage or one fighter over the other. 

2. Do your own risk and reward analysis before placing a bet. One punch can change a boxing career and thus one punch can win a fight. In boxing, the chance of an upset is there from the first minute to last and it’s something to take into account when comparing the odds. A fight favourite can be undone in one second so it’s important to understand the risks with relevance to the rewards. 

3. It’s not always people’s favourite thing to do, but you need to go back to school and do some homework. Look into a fight card or a particular fight and educate yourself on each participant. With boxing the promoters and the promotional element can all but persuade you of the narrative and the outcome before the fight takes place. You should place your bet on knowledge from research rather than public opinion, especially as that public opinion is shaped by promoters who have vested interests in particular boxers – and have to sell a story. 

4. Don’t invest all your time in one fight, remember there is an entire card. Most fight cards have 10 or so fights to follow and as a result 10 or so fights you can bet on. You can place individual bets on each fight or create one larger bet. Also keeping an eye on an entire fight card will introduce you new and up and coming fighters you can bet on in the future, or allow you to see potential banana skins for fight cards down the line.  


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