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Honest Emmet Brennan highlights the benefits of Sobriety

Emmet Brennan opened up about his negative relationship with alcohol as he celebrated one year of sobriety and a 32-years on planet Earth this week.

The Olympian shared two social media posts over the last two days and his personal story with the drink.

The Dublin Docklands graduate was delighted to let his followers know how happy he has been over the last year and was brave and honest enough to discuss the issues he had with alcohol previously.

Brennan revealed he had anxiety issues post a night on the beer and said his drinking increased post what he felt was a disappointing Olympics.

“The anxiety and fear not remembering what I’ve done the night before use to cripple me, then post Olympics I went on a 8 month bender not coping with the disappointment of what I thought was failure at the Olympics, not having a big goal in front of me, being injured and ultimately throwing away any chance or momentum that the Olympics gave me for alcohol,” he said on Wednesday.

A prolonged drinking spree in New York was the catalyst for change, and being drink free and clear of mind has enabled a fighter, whose Olympic story captured the hearts of the national, to tap into that never say die spirit that saw him come from left field to qualify for Tokyo.

“I went away to New York to try sign as a professional boxer but instead drank six days a week non stop for ten weeks straight Coming back from New York I knew something had to chance and decided to give up alcohol and get my life back on track.

“Since then I’ve had setback after setback but I keep moving forward with a clear mind and clear vision of where I’m going to end up. With this mindset and alcohol free I can’t be anything but successful

“I’ve had so many doors shut in my face in terms of boxing over the past year but again this won’t stop me from getting to the top
Working full time, Co-running my own boxing business and training full time wouldn’t be possible if I was still drinking.If anyone is in a situation where they need change in there life DO IT take the step you won’t regret it.”

Speaking on Thursday he revealed both he and those around him feel he is better off without alcohol in his life.

“I’m defiantly not an alcoholic but I’m not a good person when I drink and everything around my life seems to become a mess. My sister said to me yesterday you’re a better person when you don’t drink and that made me happy.”

Brennan is currently training hard and has seemingly recovered from a shoulder injury. Rumour suggests he is considering a number of pro offers and will officially make the switch very soon.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years