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‘It’s like someone running at you with Nissan Micras for hands’ – Thomas Carty discusses sparring Dereck Chisora

Its been a hectic few months for Irish Heavyweight Thomas Carty.

Since his body transformation during the COVID-19 lockdown, the Boxer Burn boss has been drafted by Hayemaker Boxing to spar with top 10 heavyweight Dereck Chisora in preparation for his Hallowe’en showdown with top 10 pound-for-pound fighter Ukrainian, Oleksandr Usyk.

Just last month the Crumlin B.C. fighter was sparring with UFC light heavyweight Jonny Walker.

We spoke to Carty who gave us some insight into sparring and the training camp and how this came about

“A coach in England I boxed some of his fighters before from London and he did a bit of work with Chisora and he recommended me.” Carty explained when asked how the link up came about.

“Then they got in touch via email and it went from there. They actually got in contact a couple of months ago and I said yes absolutely I’d love it, and then didn’t really hear much from them and then when they got a date [for the fight] they got back in contact and let me know to pop over.”

Carty admits the whole situation is surreal, not so much he is in sparring a top end heavyweight, rather he is sparring a fighter he would have watched in action as a teen.

“Its a bit surreal you know because when I started out boxing he would have been starting off in his career.

“I would have watched him fight the likes of Tyson Fury and the Klitchko’s so it’s a bit surreal to think that this is where I’m at now and that these fellas are coming looking for sparring from me because of the style I have.”

Speaking on the sparring specifically Carty added: “The sparring is going great, its everything I expected and more, it’s not easy you know, it’s like someone running at you with Nissan Micra’s for hands!! He’s swinging small cars at you.”

Such high-quality sparring could only enhance the career of someone as young and promising as Carty.

The Dubliner admits there is a learning element for him being in with ‘Del Boy’.

The National Elite Senior finalist also points out when your working to prepare someone for a massive fight there is a new level of intensity.

“I’ve learned so much already!

“All us amateur boxers in Ireland, no matter how serious you take it, I take it pretty serious myself, and if you know me you’ll know that, but even at that its different when its somebody’s job and their livelihood. You can just see the difference in intensity and its fantastic to see and learn from. It really put the benchmark down on where you need to get to where you wanna aim for.”

Having not being selected to represent Ireland in the European Olympic qualifiers, Carty has flirted with the idea of turning over. However, speaking earlier last summer he stated not winning a National Elite title still upsets him and as a result was in limbo.

When pushed this week, he said he was happy to enjoy big time sparring and was non committal as to what is next.

“In terms of what’s next for me after this camp, I don’t know! if you looking at amateur boxing in Ireland for example they are saying there will be an elites in January but I can’t see that happening myself with the state of things back at home at the moment, so I’m just enjoying this and this aspect of things you know the professional game and it’s exciting!

“I spoke with David Haye on the phone and he really likes my sparring. I was speaking to him about the pace and that the pace is crazy, he said ‘well you have to imagine that there is no higher level than this, nobody comes at you more than Derek Chisora, that’s what you need to aim for.’ He also said I’ve dealt with it really well, so I’m really impressed with myself and so is everyone here!!”

Josh Reid McCabe

Boxing fanatic, part-time writer for the Star newspaper Email mccabejosh3@gmail.com