Hogan targets win number 7 on Dec 8

By Jonny Stapleton

DENNIS Hogan is feeling dangerous and ready to finish a very successful debut year with a bang early next month.

The Kildare native, who is one of a number of Irish fighters on the up Down Under, takes on Bradley Viegal in the Brisbane Arena on December 8 and is confident of victory.

“I am in top condition. I have the whole years experience and fitness behind me. I am feeling dangerous, but as usual I will head into the fight careful and watchful and see from there,” Hogan told www.irish-boxing.com.

Victory number 7 will certainly be an Icing on the cake of what has proved to be a successful novice year for Hogan. The Australian based fighter amassed a record of six wins and one draw since making his debut in April and claimed the Queensland State super middleweight title in his last innings.

The Irish fighter couldn’t be happier how his debut season has gone so far but is determined not to leave his first pro title cutting an isolated figure on his mantle piece.
“This year has been better than any novice professional starting out could have hoped for thanks to the great work put in by my team, myself and my sponsors AIDA group for which I am very grateful. I also won my first pro title, but I am under no illusion. I know that after Christmas I am not a novice pro anymore and the opposition will get a lot stronger and tougher. I will keep on my toes and focus on rising to the challenge every time. We haven’t set a goal as yet for 2012 because we still have this last hurdle to make it over, but lets just say I left a bit of free space where I the Queensland title belt.”

The king of Queensland’s super middleweights has fought at light heavyweight and super middle this year but has yet to settle on an ideal weight.

Indeed Hogan, who claims he is ready for his up coming bout, feels he could make light middle by some stage next year.

“I fought at light heavy and super middle already this year. Now I am comfortable making middleweight. I think after Christmas I will probably be able to make light middleweight the way things are going, but it will stop there because there is nothing much left to come off as it is now. It really is a great testament to how hard i trained this year.”



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