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High Performance style set up will help me reach Mick heights says Jamie

JAMIE Conlan makes no bones about it- his favourite boxer of all time is his younger brother Michael Conlan.

‘The Mexican’ never wastes a chance to heap praise on the Olympic bronze medal winner and in a strange role reversal the older of the two siblings looks up to his junior.

The Belfast man is keen to become lord of the super flys and wants to emulate the amateur success of his World renowned brother on the professional stage-and believes he is in the right place to achieve that.

Conlan has relocated to Spain and trains out of Macklin’s Gym Marbella and has likened the set up to the High Performance Unit.

And just like the HPU has helped the younger of the two Conlan’s win medals and major tournaments Conlan believes the MGM can help him win a World title.

‘As soon as I went for my first week, it was just the exact same kind of bond with the other fighters,’ says Conlan who tops the New Beginnings Card in Dublin this weekend.

‘We live, eat and train together, everything about it makes me just feel like back in the High Performance days nearly everything is the exact same and hopefully now I’ll have the same results as Mick has had [in the amateurs].’


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years