Hearn: The main issue was the split so we have come up with a number Frampton can’t turn down

THE TV issue was touted by those not so in know as the main stumbling block in getting Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg talks over the line.

However, after making a public £1.5 million offer to Carl Frampton to make the mega clash, Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn said the proposed 60-40 split was the major issue.

Hearn proposed the winner gets 60 percent of the purse generated, but claims Cyclone promotions wanted more. Irish fight fans will argue Frampton’s brings ticket selling prowess, a World title, a profile significantly increased by ITV and more talent to the table, thus deserves more money.

Hearn on the other-hand argues his deal with Sky Sports and their ability to run a pay per view and box office events means it’s Matchroom sports that are bringing all the money to the table.

“The main issues have been the split. The conversations have been on going our intention which we stated months ago was a 6-040 split for the winner of the fight, which we think is more than fair.

“I don’t think we are going to find a common ground in that respect,” he said yesterday.

The Matchroom boss, who worked with Cyclone and Frampton when ‘The Jackal’ claimed the European title, claims as no split agreement was coming he decided to put an offer on the table he felt the Belfast star couldn’t turn down. He also indicated Cyclone nor ITV could generate a similar offer.

“I think it is pretty clear where the money is coming from for this fight and that is through Sky Sports Box Office’s model. So were are able to make a significant offer of £1.5 million pounds. We haven’t recieved an offer, we could not recieve from them anywhere close to the numbers we are putting forward today. We hope now Carl Frampton will look at that offer and say I have to take it.”

Cyclone responded to Hearn’s offer by saying they are willing to continue negotiations, but Hearn claims things have to be sorted before the week is out.

“We are running out of time, unless this is made this week this fight won’t happen in the Summer. Scott will fight on July 18 and we have our options covered because I felt that this fight might not happen. We are trying to give it every opportunity to be made.

“I don’t think Carl would have a problem fighting in Manchester. It is the biggest in door arena in Europe and Carl would bring half the fans. The conversations that have been on going has involved all parties but not Carl, so we want to get this message to Carl,” he added before suggesting all parties were happy to let the fight go ahead on Sky.

“I think it is generally accepted that this fight has to be on Sky Sports box office, this fight, I am not saying Carl’s next fight, but this fight has to be on Sky Sports box office. I don’t think they have a massive problem with that. Now we have come up with a number we feel it is impossible to turn down based on his earning potential moving forward with a voluntary in the summer.”


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