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McCloskey I was inspired by Eamonnn O’Kane

When the word ‘inspiration’ is used in the same sentence as Paul McCloskey and Eamonn O’Kane it’s usually used to describe the effect ‘Dudey’ had on ‘King Kane’.

In fact you could probably count on one hand the amount of interviews Eamonn O’Kane did since turning pro where he didn’t reference the former European Champion and World title challenger.

It always made sense, the two were close friends from the same county and before Carl Frampton came along McCloskey was the headline act in Belfast Arena’s.

The former Breen’s puncher, who fought Amir Khan, blazed a trail ‘King Kane’ was keen to follow. However, in the week that O’Kane joined McCloskey in retirement the former British and European champ claims his fellow Derry man was an inspiration to him.

“Eamonn is a very good, close friend of mine. We grew up in the fight game together, Eamonn coming three years behind me, and we did plenty of sparring together.

“I saw the hunger and commitment he had and I was inspired by him,” said McCloskey told the Derry Journal before heaping further praise on the former Irish champion.

“You never realise what you’ve achieve until people tell you, and I’m delighted he got what he wanted. One of the things you can say about Eamonn is he was never in too many dull fights. They were always action packed. He turned professional and tore into it from day one.”



Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years